I am more than a small waistline and an hourglass figure

I am powerful and wise

I am they that gave birth to a thousand generations

And forged the way for others like me to be free of oppression

I am many lifetimes of wisdom

I am they that fought a war few cared about but many saw


I am the gentle breeze and the howling wind

I am ferocious and beautiful

A painting of many colors and a stronghold for the weak

I am every color of the rainbow and every flavor of ice cream

I am kissed by the sun and hugged by the moon

I am chaos and peace and everything in between


A message a warning,

I am not to be abused and manhandled

I am to be loved and respected

I will not be forced into the quiet mold of a biased society

This isn’t a man’s world

It’s mine


I am the working woman, the toiling woman

The bend over backwards for her children woman

But I am not the stay at home mother

I am not the submissive housewife

Cooking all day behind a white picket fence woman

I am street smart and body smart

Cultivating a world for those like me, after me

I am a mixture of races and cultures

And as Staceyann Chin said

I am too many flavors for one spoon

I am woman




This poem is about: 
Our world


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