Creature of Darkness


Again it comes to me

From it, I am unable to flee

First, it slithers into my heart

Beginning its quest to tear me apart


Next, the monster slips into my mind

In this darkness I am now confined

This creature, it knows no kindness

It seems like its stay here is timeless


I am stuck here, writhing in agony

Something slips from my grasp, is it my humanity?

No one seems to notice, no one seems to care

For my poor little soul, trapped in despair


Suddenly I realize I have always been alone

This madness, I can no longer postpone

The world, these people, I will make them pay

They will be the ones who need to pray


For it is not I who is trapped in insanity

It is the rest of the world, with their immorality

Go ahead and try to get in my way

The creature can never be locked away


It does not obey...

It cannot be kept at bay...

Every one of you will fall...

And I will be there, laughing at it all..

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