A choice


Today women have a voice, a place,

And we are recognized for not only our beauty,

but our intellect. Our contributions to society.

But when we walk down the streets, 

we're shown poster girls, dream bods, false icons.

Waking up in the morning we must face our true, naked, selves in that mirror.

We awaken from delicate dreams where we can be anything 

and are thrown into the reality and expectations of society. 

We grip our paint brushes and are given jars of what we should be.

Their labels written in ugly black letters:

“skinny”, “tan”, “big eyes”, “flawless skin”.

And those posters lining the streets whisper,

“Put it all on. Try to be like us”.

Desperately, we begin to conceal with these mere suggestions.

We want to feel clothed and cloaked so we can fit in.

We want the safety of being what everyone else is.

Hiding every single natural facet given to us by a God

who lovingly created us in his image.

I can’t stand this pressure, this overwhelming shadow being cast

over my eyes and heart telling me that I myself am not good enough.

I am letting myself feel vulnerable and naked

I am throwing out these labels given to me by magazines and advertisements.

I am putting down the brush.


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