The power of words

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 14:48 -- Blurr

My challenge was to climb three vertical beams

that hang off of each other. No help from my team.

Swaying back and forth, I used small pegs

My short body struggled using my arms and legs.


I stop a short distance from the top sweating.

My body giving up, “I can’t do it” I shout regretting.

I shake, I shout, I start to let go,

I thought I could do it, but no.


Defeated, done, diminished to a failed act,

I am small and weak, pathetic, it’s a fact.

I can’t move on I can’t go any further, no foothold

To use to go higher, I know I’m finished, until I’m told-


“Don’t give up! Don’t stop now! When you’re this close

You can’t! Just a little more and you can boast!

You’re almost there. You’re there we swear. Just one more

Jump the foothold will be there, you won’t hit the floor.”


So I jumped, I pushed up as high as I could, wrapping

Myself around the beam, my team cheering and clapping!

The foothold was there, I pulled myself up, I rang the bell

To signal I’ve won. I’m done. “I did it! I did it!” I yell!


I did what I couldn’t. I was strong and supported

By my own strengths I was almost thwarted.

But with my team’s encouragement I succeeded.

Their words of support were all I needed.

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