To Love


To love is to feel pain. To love means giving your whole heart to someone else. It's a tricky thing, unexplainable and sometimes unreasonable. It makes you vulnerable and leaves you wanting more of it. You can love nearby or love at a distance, it will take you by surprise.

Love can be beautiful, make you smile at even the thought of it. As the wonderful memories rush through your mind and those sweet, sweet words that were once said float back into your thoughts. But love isn't always kind, it can betray you. It can lie behind your back, it can be unsure and mix other unnecessary meaningless emotions in replace.

You can't chose love it will find you and come without warning, unexpectedly and freely. You'll notice your mind not being your own anymore as it thinks back on great unforgettable moments you once shared with someone else.

Love can be from a summer romance, one that seemed perfect while summer lasted and left you hurting as fall arrived. You will want to fall in love, to be adored, wanted, and needed by someone else. When we're young it's easy to say I want to be in love; but we're not thinking about every other aspect that comes along with it.

In the end love can leave you bitter, or change your outlook on the world for the worse. We desire to find perfect love not knowing how unrealistic that is. Many people will go throughout their lives seeking to find it, and will never encounter it not even a glimpse. You will hope that you do but unfortunately you don't make the calls. It can't be planned or held off for the right moment in time.

Love is stubbornness. You'll struggle to make time, hoping to relive the moments so long ago; moments you can't get back. It will be there at times and feel enough because you've invested too many emotions to think less of it. You'll be blinded by the truth, by the idea of keeping something you've been chasing.

Something you've dreamed about and in a way fits the criteria, but when those lovely poems aren't written or beautiful flowers aren't given anymore it changes you. It can make you believe you won't ever feel torn, never silently cry late at night while your mind ponders away.

You'll reach out and it might not return the favor, you'll give it all of you and it'll just take it. Leaving nothing in return. This is the ugliness of it, the realistic part of it, and the truth of it. Love is dangerous. It leaves you confused and ruins your innocence. It makes you see the bad you never knew existed. It breaks you and leaves you empty not knowing which feelings are faithful if any.

You'll want to go back to the start before reality hit, before the struggle. It is then you will wish it never set eyes on you never kissed it nor hugged it, never gave it your heart. That sparkle that was once in the eyes of a daring dreamer is now forever gone.

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