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Trying too hard, she knows.
Promises made to self are broken
she holds herself together inside
her heart beats slow, distant.
They're all lies.
But is the truth any better?
She looks to the future with hope in her eyes, reluctance in her heart.
Her mind operates on another level therefore, she is worse off than those in mainstreamed traffic.
She is aware of difficulties and heartache.
She is a fighter, lover, warrior,
survivor alongside the actuality of pain and disappointment.
Should have been one more smile by trust;
yet, there are more scars through the sin of lust.
There's nothing like it.
Reality. It's just a cover name for this struggle called life.
Not enough credit for this strife.
I am
the girl in the book.
The one who's afraid to jump but yet still looks
to allow my mind to wonder what if...
I had let them love me, take me
from this hold I have on sanity.
Would it have been so bad?
To walk down the street on my own.
No thanks, just take the cab.
And just a friendly reminder of the recent increase in fare.
I'm short by a few
Kicked out, my wounds lay opened,
THIS is me,
not the innocent thing in the mirror,
but the half grown chaos on the ground.
I was too when I first figured out
That there is no guaranteed prince,
no castle made of gold
waiting for me at the end of this path
I chose.


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