A Girl's Desperation


I just want to be a princess, 

Told that I am pretty and loved.

I don't want to miss this - 

A chance to be held by strong arms.

Don't ever leave me,

Like so many already have.

Beside me please be,

To catch me if I fall again.


Why am I always forsaken?

I never seem to match up to par

No wonder I'm not good enough,

Countless flaws place me under the bar.

Insecurities grow in silence,

As your presence drifts away.

My heart desperately turns to violence.

Body hurts, filled with this pain


Rejection is a hard thing 

To overcome when I gave my trust,

Flying away on love's wings

Is just a dream filled with lust


I reopened the stitches, showed the scars

I have shown you of what I am really made.

But exposing myself only causes more wounds,

You toss my heart back, my trust in men fades.


I thought you were my prince,

Brave, kind, handsome, and true

I feel worthless to all,

Now alone, no one to look to


I play my role, my heart in the shadows,

I try to regain your attention,

But everything we had seems to be forgotten, 

Me you hardly seem to mention.

Feelings and memories cast off,

Our treasure you treat like old trash

My tear-stained face shows my risk for naught

I plead forgiveness to God for actions rash.


Protected no more, exposed to the cold

Your heart is made of dense ice.

Look up to heaven is what I am told,

Yet still my nightmares come alive.



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