Snow White and Rumplestilksin

Once upon a time. . .

There lived a princess called snow white.
Her skin as pale as snow.
Her hair of ebony glow.
Her lips as red as blood.
Yet her beauty was still shunned.

An evil queen of gold and land
Felt all the power in her hand.
But then her magic mirror 
Spit out these words of terror:

"You may be rich
You may be strong
You may be smart
You may Queen 
But Rumplestilksin I have seen."

Alarmed the queen could not think
And called the trickster on a brink.
"Rumplestilksin I demand."
"Rumplestilksin at my command!"

The trickster appeared in great flight
With a smile full of fright.
He spoke slowly but not truly
of a legend of one beauty.

"There is a beauty in your care 
That is your cross to bear
When she grows older she will take
A power you know to be so great."

And so the queen had grown mad
snow white was all the family that she had.
She heard these words of cruelty
thus her heart became unruly.

For Snow white; a sweet young girl
Full of dreams, song, and pure light
"What bad magic could she twirl?
Yet a poisoned apple she must bite!"

Rumplestilksin now sang and danced
And of the great Queen he now laughed.
Hopping savagely on foot he said:
"This great queen will be my stead!

Of her simple mind I'll rule
And her thrown will be my tool
for powerful she may now be
But evil things she'll do for me."

The Queen now made her rhyme 
With one small pinch of thyme.
Alone she found snow white
Sitting on the grass in sunlight:

"Mother queen could it be you 
Oh, do you have an apple too?
Mother queen you are to kind 
Another heart like yours I wish to find!"

The evil Queen now felt sick
Why Snow White did her fate pick?
Alas she threw the apple far away
And begged snow white to now obey:

"Snow white here you can't reside
For my evil will not subside.
You will take your leave and love
Then wait for a protective dove."

But Snow white good soul she was
Responded with great cause:
"You say these things but you do not frighten,
Thus I cannot leave you in isolation."

She threw her arms around the Queen
Who's heart suddenly began to beam.
To Snow White she was her only mother
Who could protect the land and others.

Rumplestilksin now in his trance
Stopped abruptly his cruel dance.
Near him was a sweet red apple
Wich he bit and made him wobble.

You see how things work out just fine
For Rumplestilksin paid his crime.
The apple the the Queen threw away
Became his rightful price to pay.

Do not lie to get power 
As Rumplestilksin life was sour.
But compassion saved the Queen
And her family, and her reign.

Thus, they lived happily ever after. . .


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