Breath Not Gone

Sun, 07/21/2013 - 00:34 -- rauchb2

Oh happiness, take me upon your wings
fly me above and away
take me farther than my dreams
on the dawn of breaking day

Quarrel I do with your friend
bitterness is his name
For he tries and fails to bend
me to play his game

Sadness borrow away my sorrows
give me hope that will last
on the air of my farthest tomorrows
even reach back to those of my past

Still does my heart flutter its beating tune
and so do my lungs swell with life
though I am not much feeling the fortune
I have without third world strife

I whine and complain
about all of the trouble
could I stand the pain
of reducing myself to rubble?

They sit so quiet
They sit so strong
I'm sure they want to riot
against what is wrong

Strength, I've learned
comes in many ways
It cannot be burned
but remains always


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