Video Girl


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why do you so desperately seek attention?
I just want to gather you all for an intervention

It's a problem--- Epidemic

that plagues the self-esteem of young women world wide
Why do you seek make-up, hair extensions, and plastic surgery to hide?
Behind the "ugly" truth of who you really are...

Its not that your weren't beautiful before your enhancements
it's not that you weren't good enough, but that you felt it could lead to advancements

In your "career"in this industry that you so desperately seek to be apart of
that you need to feel validated and to fill the void of "love"

that maybe you didn't get from your father... maybe even an absentee mother
but is that an excuse to put your body up to barter?

maybe someone abused you verbally, mentally, physically, or emotionally?
all of which is so prevalent in society

You dream of being being that video girl-Ms. Minaj
but do you realize she is just a Mirage?


Why not just try to be the best YOU!
think of the great things you could accomplish if you just changed your view

of how you see yourself.

Look in the mirror girl...
NOT at that Video Girl

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