What Is this thing we call love?

I don’t seem to understand

Is love hurting the one person in your life who did everything for you?

Or is love getting a girl pregnant & leaving her?

Perhaps it’s cheating on your significant other

I must be loved a lot I'm always the one getting hurt

I'm the one that gets cheated on 

I'm the one getting played 

It's like my heart gets pregnant & has all these other hearts die 

Just watch it die, let's it go

Like if there was nothing there

A slow painful death

How can people love anymore? 

No one knows the definition of it

Heartbreak, tears, second thoughts, depression, jealousy

Love is like a dangerous drug

Once inflicted its pleasure

Once the effects wears off its all pain

It' like I'm running out of time

My heart is shattering there is no one there to put them back together

They just let it shatter & walk over it 

Incinerate the crumbs, turn them into ashes

Go ahead burn me alive 

No one looks for the warm hearted

They look for the warm looks

The asses & tities that gets their warm dicks hard

The abs & the muscles that gets their panties into a bunch & their nipples hard

Love is lust, yet we argue because the ugly person says something sexual

Oh such a pervert 

Dirty little pricks

Nothing left to do but to run

Just keep running No destination for now 

Hopefully ill find the ugly truth

 The raw uncut definition of this word 

The word that gives me goose bumps

That makes me shiver

Perhaps I'm scared

Or maybe I'm nervous

To find out that the word that sparks fireworks

Goes by the name of love.



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