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Skin x Spirit: A Love Story   The skin I am most comfortable in The reciporcal reality of it being  defining but divisive  accomodating but attractive 
Fat That’s what they call me As if I didn’t already know As if the doctors hadn’t already given me the heartbreaking diagnosis Again and again and again Fat So yes I am fat And yes I am tall
A lot of people had come and gone. Even those we confined on. Regardless betrayal. It's absolutely true that, even a family can never be together forever,
Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go of what you know is no good for you, But, even though it is the best, it is also the hardest thing that you have to do.
I always thought that being alone was a sad thing, But that was before I knew about all the joy that it could bring. As time has gone on, I have gotten more and more used to being alone,
Sunny Days  Ice cream  Long bike rides. Giggles ringing through the air. It was fun. A time of simplicity where worries were few and far between. 
I walk with the confidence of kings With the swagger of a solo artist With the ease of an egret And all the nuances in between   When you see me walk by You can ask me Or judge me
It’s hard to believe someone when they say they want you when you’ve spent your whole life knowing your an object for sex.
It’s hard to believe someone when they say they want you when you’ve spent your whole life knowing your an object for sex.
Living my life like it's golden.Living my life like im chosen.I am no longer broken.I am beholden, unfolding.Say in motion like the ocean, rolling.
Pussy is that how others see me a coward filled with anxiety and trepidation too fearful to exist without  gentle coddling  mewling and cowering
Now I'm The Type Who’s A... CONFIDENT GUY... !!! Pretty Much ALL The Time As I’ve Been Throughout My Life... There’s Only ONE Thing I’m NOT CONFIDENT With...
A star told me I might want to consider Asking the question Who am I Why do I breathe Why am I valuable
Hugs and kisses to all my Supporters. You have Always been there to boost my Ego even further, still. Hugs and kisses to all my Haters. Without you, I wouldn't know the value
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud to admit her missteps. Mistakes and lessons dance in harmony a 2-step.
Confidence has never been a feeling explored by me. Employed by me to heal from the hurt in me, by others, and by me. Feels good to know that my reflection is a friend to me, no longer my enemy.
Tell me the tale of a good old node.  The one who stirs at everyone's mode Taking a hint of what to from each imitation  What a virtue to behold.  
Sometimes it is hard to wake up and realize that there is no one there and you are all alone, You're surrounded by family, but they make you feel unloved, so that is nowhere near being called a home.
Lately I have realized something about myself that I never have before, And I wish it hadn't taken me long to realize that when one closes, there is always another door.
My soul echoes praises, In the most inopportune of times.   At a sneezing in my  face, In the checkout lines.   Praise is a compulsion, From my grateful heart to the divine.  
I wish I could be a superhero, The one which everyone looks up to, The one whose stories are passed through,
I am that badgering caterpillar of ugliness, which tries to come again and again, You keep plucking me,
I am never enough for you. Despite our momentary happiness, I still  fail to obtain your unreachable standards. 
She wakes up every morning To a brand new day. She is aware of every warning, Yet she still has a smiling face. Here peers all around her See the worst through the best,  But she deters
Confidence inspires me. People so confident in their God-given talents In their God-given personality The first thing I notice about people I meet Not their looks
Someone told me to write a song about confidenceBut it's something I have a problem withWhat's the point in believing in yourselfIf you continue to get help from someone elseI tryI cryI look up to the sky
work day: over commute: finished status: aching to change my life exhausted, I opened my grestone window & the chicago june breeze floated in I was reminded: 
work day: over commute: finished status: aching to change my life exhausted, I opened my grestone window & the chicago june breeze floated in I was reminded: 
my love, that singular beauty, is all mine touched with golden splendor of the gods sweet as honey, rich as cherry wine a lively sprite who frolics in the woods
I wear lightning strikes on my hips and thighs as battle scars to remind me who I am, and what I have overcome.
Sometimes it's hard to admit that you need to change, Because your mind is trying to convince you that you need to stay the same. It's not easy to face the reality and admit that something is not right,
I let you in. Now, I'm vulnerable. Standing up to you is so hard. 
Acne dapples your face just as stars blemish the sky. I’ve seen you look in the mirror to ask yourself why. You seize the concealer, yet your smile, still wry, because no one picks up a brush
Can I ask why are you staring? Could it be perhaps my size? Or is it cause I’ve got these planets swirling in my eyes?  
The way I see it any sentence can become a poem, It's just a matter of how creative the writer wishes to be in terms of spacing. They say art is a beautiful thing.
Warm salty tears rolled off of my cheek and melted, The colors were blurred as my vision was hazed, The cold hard floor sent chills through my back, All was stuck in the glow of pain,
My glow up is when I'm the best me The best me is who I ought to be I can be on the outside pretty But who am I? What do I see? A caged animal? Or someone free? I'm the best me when I'm happy  
My mind flooded with thoughts such as “What if they don’t like it?” and “What will they think?” 
Almond Eyes, searching for a piece of herself, in a round-eyed town. Her identity uncertain,
I remember giving a bracelet to one of my babysitter's when I was young. I made it out of my mother's yarn.
You walk in, steaming water running down your sides,   Like a different world, you stand there just thinking,   It's been a rough day, one worth reflecting on,  
I don’t want to be quiet anymore,    (that really bothers me.) I want to fill the silences and make people smile. I don’t want to be lost anymore.
Somethings different about the way you wake up in the morning  A deep breath and a smile as you roll out of bed  Still groggy, but doing your daily steps regardless There's something odd about the way you walk
Once, you claimed a kind of love, unbeknownst to the receiverRememory*A mother’s desperate love; one in which she sacrifices allRememoryDo you truly love your children, or only what they are able to accomplish?
i. you said they came with rocks so i built a fortress for emotion brick by brick from bitter lies about how you thought it was, to love a woman.  
I’ve heard about you How you linger and lurk You latch onto your victims so heavily Leaps of faith become walks Walks into crawls   I’ve experienced you, I know you exist
I can not live without the moon. I can survive, yes, but am unable live. When the moonlight is gone, the night skies turn bleak. The forces that banish it I will never forgive.
Not everyone sees me Some may not even now that I am there Not everyone knows who I am Some may not even know that I exist I hide on stage, back I am a name on paper, not a name in lights.
I wasn't the smartest in class I wasn't the best on the team I sometimes came last At least that's how it seemed   I aimed to make you proud I hoped to see you smile
I am supposed to be Anne Frank But I just feel like myself, pretending I did not think that I would have been able to feel all of these eyes on me when I signed up for this.
And there was the stage filled with emptiness and vacancy  begging for someone to stand on it with their two feet.   walking on stage wasn’t the problem 
It’s 12:47 AM. You’re asleep, all tucked in bed  your head resting against the pillows of feathers plucked from white geese. 
Hopeless Hopeless is how I felt. In counseling with tears streaming down my face and no regard, For my makeup smearing revealing I had lost any sense of grace.  
To feel you were meant to be more, It is a feeling I know well And with grief, my heart does swell No hubris, to that which may quell There will come a day, soon Where I may roar,  But not as a beast,
The lights, they beam down with powerful visibility. The stage, outstretched and lonely as far as I can see. The audience, physically unseen, but I’m conscience of their stares.
You, with all your insecurities How often have you forgotten your victories? How easy was it to let them whisper into your ears Until you disappeared? Their words distracted you from your thoughts
  He played with me, Not knowing I commanded fire. He toyed with my hair, Hands so gentle yet eyes full of ire, Ogling who I have become, Full of desire, Seeking solace in havoc,
I like to put plastic bags over my head. I like to pull them down over my eyes, so I can’t see anything but the light that permeates them.
At thirteen my heart had never been broken I was still dreaming big dreams And I was still outspoken I sided with hope having no concept of doubt
Sometimes life isn't fair and sometimes life isn't sweet. My shiny head makes people stare as I walk alone down the street. No, you can't touch, don't you dare. It's a sensitive topic, so I cover up with a sheet.
  —she sits alone, never  reaches out to the people  around her—she would  rather suffer than speak up    —she never throws anything away  (she keeps treasures in her room, 
     Like a dark cloud hovering over me,      Fear found its greedy way into my life.      It held me back with strong chains and great lies,      And convinced me to burrow into my shell.  
Another passing word, 
The demon will always be with me.  It used to control me,  Control what I did, who I talked to. I could only talk to those who knew, others wouldn't understand. But at the same time,  I couldn't tell anyone. 
To talk of it is easily done, But To feel it coarse through your vein- That is a much harder task, And to the Universe I want to ask: Why am I so crippled? Why am I so blind?
I can sit in bed all day Write stories of love, And happiness, And success. And every expression of emotion Is guarded up; soliloquy.
Confidence doesn’t like to be around me. He disguises himself, as Ego, then bursts out of my head.  The minute I catch him, he disappears.   Sometimes, I call for him.   
Do not leave your house, my loveYour face is rather petrifyingI will strive to push and shoveI'd rather you be dyingCancer came and took your eyeTook your self-esteemKidnapped your pride
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
I will imagine myself now dangling from the edge of a page, Peering over the corner, Letting my blood boil,
I'm tired of people being so surprised at my depth of conversation When it's normal for you to communicate through layers, digging into the truth becomes basic...
Every one speaks against you  You are only one who speaks in favour with you                                                POEM           
I am vast and I am blue and more than you can see I am loud and I will be heard by everyone So with this crash I say -No- I decree That I am my own being and I cannot be undone
How to be pretty if you are unfortunate with your looks; a WikiHow Be realistic, are you “ugly” or just simply average? Average is normal
Ode: (n.) a poem meant to be sung Hands touch, hearts jump, all of my senses start to go numb. Love strikes, arrows fly, how did he make me become so shy.
waves of desire. stormy days and his ocean eyes, and a world of hurt being left to decipher what I did I did wrong, what put me so far away from what I wanted even after I wrote you a song
Voice"Just sing," they say But they don't know how much I pray Each morning and twice every night For courage to share what's in my mind's lightVoice One word. Too hard 
Start with a bow, Take a side they said, Choose your battles. What is this? Pulled here and there. They argue excessively. Tired of the rules. Collapsed from the stress.
Curse freckles, and the way they covered the face of a man that was my happiness, my pain my love, my loss and the only source of Christmas spirit that I have ever had.   Curse freckles
Standing, eyes watching my every move, faces dull by the awaiting speech The room silent... sufficating, the sound of the air con is heard is one of the two sounds that is heard
Mentally I’m falling Not physically of course. Physically I’m walking With a little bit of force.  
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
Less a coach, more a teacher In our practices you were a preacher My confidence wavered from experiences past But a man like you knew how to bring me out Out of my shell, you brought this change about
The world tells us to be perfect, But that fills our souls with conflict, For who can determine our worth? Why does this feel like hell on Earth?
Thank you for this life A life where shadows sing Where losses are seen as gains Where I can have a vision for everything   Thank you for this life A life where notes can speak
Books put together a powerful message You can find words that make you sound impressive For me, a book would make my mood happy, or depressing The book would speak to me in a conveying way
Feeling good,dreaming high,aiming strongam standing tall.Ready to always go ahead,making people understand that am fully prepared,thinking of becoming better than anyone has heardAm Standing Tall.
I love you But not enough To give up the universe inside meLet its planets fall out of or
His mood was short The transient feeling was impermanent But it became plentiful and copious He was now fragile and tenuous the uncertainty of this precariousness
Our faces bounced off of every wall, as well as the bodies of many with faces of despise, Some of theirs would shrink and some of theirs would swell  
Born a Kansan, modesty is woven more tightly into my chromosomes than any DNA I got from Mom and Dad.   The strictures were clear, obvious, inherent, unyielding. Not just for me. Midwestern.
A friend of mine asked me to write a poem about myself, and for the first time, I was left
My lips are not soft, freshOr new.They are dry and rough,Scarred from self-infliction.
Each night she vacates to the universe in her head, illuminated place     that fills the dark vacancy she feels down on earth Unsecure   
I used to sit in my room on my phone all of the time, even when my parents weren't home. I always knew I needed something more, as I was tired of feeling so alone. I then got out a paper and pen and poetry started to flow.
When my pencil hits the paper I feel the world come to a stop. Suddenly I hold my voice in one hand. The chains that constrained me drop.   I'm not small. I'm not scared. I'm not silent for you.
The ache of my hands My innermost feelings bleeding onto the page Like hot fiery lava I am the volcano with the weight of the world inside my heart Just seconds away from erupting
Your body is your temple   Sweetie, to yourself you don't have to lie   All bodies are beautiful  
I forgot I’m forgetting I’m forgotten Since I got away from you for solid years, Built up confidence like a Berlin wall that separated my mind from people like you.
  Books put together a powerful message                                     You can find words that make you sound impressive
Woman, Girl – Lift up! For far too long your shoulders have bent forward from the weight of the despair of injustice, inequality, mistreatment, ignorance, devalue, degradation and disregard.
It clawed at her. It punched here and scratched her. She fought back but That only fed the monster.
How hard can it be? To get up and face the world and swim against the current while a storm begins to brew. To swim throught the swirling media bombarded by infromation at all time, he said she said,
Dear Life,   If there's one thing you've taught me It's that insecurity is tangible. That everywhere you turn You wonder if you'll ever be enough.    You look at those around you
Dear Self – Doubt, How does it feel to betray the trust of someone who believed in you? Perpetrating as a friend, a perfect someone to depend. A trusted advisor, your logic a realistic perception of truth.  
Dearest Doubt,  I hope you are doing well. I say that only because it is impolite to write a letter without proper introduction. What I mean to say is this: You have followed me my entire life,
Dear Anxiety,   You need to go Take a trip to Moscow I’ll cut you off the way Van Gogh Cut off his ear  
Dear Confidence,   It has been a while since you have surfaced up and joined me. I would say I missed you, that I really need you. But you decide to back away in many important times of need, why?  
I've gotta free my mind but careful not to lose it A brain without a soul is incongruent When I speak you choose to confuse it You left me with bruises Like what the truth is Without the excuses
We live this life despite Double edged swords being swung at us with all their might Finding beauty in the pain, staring darkness in the face 'Cause there's only so much light
These defining mountains I call my hips Are the only things you cannot miss They swing left and right From morning to night Trying to pick a fight With everything in sight
Oh my dear,  Before you were born, two stars held hands, and said, "let's run away." They went to a shady diner on the planet Pluto to devise a plan, when they found a solar gun.
Dear Kayla, I hope you figure out yourselfFinish and accomplish things so you don’t have to rely on anyone elseDon’t be insecure, holding your breath, sucking in your stomach to appear slimmerWorking out, till you pass out, because you’re wearing
Dear Mom,   He was there for you. He loved you, kept you in his arms each night. Until you went to another.
When I think of it, I am amazed, how easy it is to remain fearful, to feel undeserving, uneasy, uncomfortable, of who I am.  Insecurity slips into my skin like  moisture in mist,
Next year I will be able to look at you and see a distant memory All these broken pieces of you will be put back together Still cracked and fragmented But still one piece
Dear Jake,   My relationship with you was a plant, a flower, it bloomed like a rose.   Beautiful from afar, but if I got too close, held on a little too tight,
Dear Society,   I dare to be different. To be Brave and Confident. When I walk into a room full of people,
No one is like me This is a blessing and a curse No one is as detail oriented as I am No one thinks like me
dear present,   i am the target of a thousand arrows. the bullseye for a thousand knives. the dartboard for a thousand hateful words.
Dear Confidence, I know you are hiding deep down inside. There's no reason to be scared there's no reason to hide. I need you more than ever my self esteem is low. I've been hiding in the dark,
Talking. Talking is hard. Breathing, eating, sleeping.  It all seems hard. From the time I was a young girl to now, everything has been hard. Exspressing my feelings is hard but I have a dream.
Dear Society,   You analyze the outside of my body, My curvy, bodacious butt, and these hips that don't lie hunny The three layers of rolls when I bend over and the wrinkles on my forehead,
As we grow older, our bedroom walls seem smaller, our boundaries tighten, and our options become scarcer. With every missed opportunity and every failure within our minds,
I need closure.   Set some things straight.   I was insecure and vulnerable, and no, I don't want to go on a date.   Why do you taunt me?    Stupid, silly, fate.  
Look at your face and your hair's small curls you may not be a stick, but you have the whole world in your hands, between your shoulders, and even in your thighs.
Dear Me, You were so young. Innocent and smart Now everytime I see you,  it's like your lost in the dark.    She was your light She guided you in the darkest of times
Dear my old self, I wish you had the commons sense to do better, but in the end you made me better. Your pure heart and your tender ways, All you need was a little backbone and some base.
things fall apart but that is only the start  of a journey that may last days  or years  full of things, only you can hear  you travel down a path made of gravel encrusting you with scars 
blooming from my darkest parts begun the change in my heart shifting with sunshine my flowers are growing, wisdom and knowledge flowing showing me my power & potential
Wanna know how many dudes I’ve banged? well sit down take a biopsy of the inner walls of my blood pumper my blood thumper wait what do you see? oh I know little tiny letters that read “we’re sorry for the…”
You are intelligent Yet you know nothing You are full of ideas Yet you don’t know how to express them well You are full of wisdom
Our days were filled with long walks straight out of reality While the cold wind blew on us, and I trusted that you were more than what they said you were: Angry. But the stories we told filtered the air
I am sitting in my room and I'm getting consumedby these emotions and I feel like I am doomed.I feel like I am trash that got swept by a broom.I am in a bad mood listening to sad tunes. I am feeling a lot of pain and don't want it to turn to hate.
My hair is long, which is nice, but I have too many split ends, My natural hair is wavy, not straight like theirs in my defense, I’m short, I could never be a model, I don’t have the body for that,
  Dear Hope, Before, it was walking a long, dark hall, never knowing where the end was. Or being locked in a room alone, with no windows or doors, left to wonder how and when you will leave. It was lonely, scary, dark, confusing, forever lasting.
She looked in my eyes and asked me, "What other things have you said before me?"Darling, where do I even begin?
  He adjusted his yellowing glasses Gathered his scattered thoughts And cleared his scratchy voice He began,   It matters not
This overwhelming tension is so blissful. How your soul is not resentful. You're the definition of freedom, unique spirit that's so seldom. Exterior of a goddess, superiority on every asset,
Every inch of my skin where you touched me now burns Every emotion you made me feel must burn Every memory of us will burn   I do not hate you I hate what you did The things you said
  Once upon a time they made me a queen he said it was because my skin glistened with a sheen unmatched by others it was the glow of youth that made me your stepmother married now and praised by all
She's broken, yet still beautiful Can't she see? Her purpose here is meaningful Without her there'd be no me   She was in the dark But I shined her light It sparked her inner flame
Perhaps one of my worst traits is dreaming I dream to leave behind my soft spoken nature To demonstrate confidence I dream to hear the waves of Applause surrounding me.  To have the people on the edge of their seats I dream to prove those who call
My love is Beautiful My love is Kind. Mantras that I keep in Mind. I am Amazing I am Great I start to feel the ground it shakes. I want to Love To feel my Soul
Today I'm hardly any complete Stoic alike an eclipsed sun For a void inside must replete Bonding with its kernel one I lost a queer battle of its kind knocked down to the abysmal core
My head is pushed under the waterinto the sea of insecurities.I open my mouthfor a gasp of breathbut no oxygen enters--
Blow absorbing hate They're clueless 'bout the vision Yes-I am one in seven billion Which is a fact you can negate But s'why I don't concede
It’s like today I can’t be happy With people trying to find a way to hurt me Suffering from the pain, knowing I’m insecure With a face full of rain and no confidence for sure
Some days you are a puddle barely rippling in the steady breeze, broken on the edges where cracks took you away. These times you will feel defeated,
And now I’ve come to the end, I walked a very long way. Miles and years, Smiles and tears. But there is nothing left for me to say.   You didn’t hurt my feelings,
A rainbow needs all colors, Brilliant alone, but together they shine. Cowering behind our colors makes us gutless. Your attitude radiates red,
As a child, I went through a very brief period of childhood before I was thrust into a world where monsters are not only very real, but a constant factor I had to face.
As I looked in the mirror, I began to hear Insecurity speak again Oh, Simone, why does your hair always look so frizzy and untamed? You eat like a cow so why are you so skinny?
Times have changed and I’m aboard the timeless train. The clock goes tick tock and I watch dimensions pass me by ...In attempt to hold onto past circumstances,
Two eyes staring back as IRoutinely do as I'm told.Persuasion I have none, ButMy influence will becomeMore evident as you get old. I am worshiped more than God,Looked at more than passing time.I can see your true colors When we are together, butI
Insecurity (“”)                 Why aren’t you happier to see me                 Why don’t you look nicer when we go out                 Why do you always have to be so smart. . . or clueless. . . or dumb
Faith & Confidence: Real Within Ourselves   Worry not, for tomorrow Will be brighter---- The sun shines in Your corner Dare not with uncertainty Dare with a dream  
I am not what you say I am! The bane Existence unworthy... Function unneeded... Purposeless, worthless... You throw your sickness upon me! But I have not faltered entirely I’m sick of this world
                            If I spoke in lines of poetry, it would be broken  Every line seperate from the rest My words would fall disconnected You would not be able to make sense of it   
The excessive beeping shot through my ears That of a cellphone Rather than the alarm that brought me tears The controlling boyfriend is what I feared   His voice shot through the phone
At the start, She was kind, beautiful, free. She was individual, unique Better than she’d ever been. Then, near the middle, And more towards the end Her self image began to bend And bend
It's been a long four years, each dwindling to an end a little faster than before.My last may be my last but it's all still just a first,Years and months of friends and then none.
Desire. My desire. Your desire. Desire. Something that can hold you so tight but will so easily make you lose your mind. Desire.
Im here to tell you a couple things. 1. Life isnt easy.  It never meant to be easy. 2. There are always better people than you. There will always be competition 3. There will always be people worse than you.
If you asked me to describe who I was last year I could not tell you Even she would not have the words to depict herself She had no clue Insecurities and emotions skewed her self-image Until she grew
I started with a frown My year already felt down   I was in a trap Under wraps I saw fear right in front of me   Every day it would come To take my happiness away
The attention span of a teenager is no more than 20 minutes But I sit in my 90 minute English class Sitting in my bland grey, uncomfortable chair I hear my teacher say
Highschool A word that has the power To make its victims cower And to leave others smiling with their fond memories.   A new beginning I saw it as a chance To make them take a second glance
Not fearless. Still brave. Dare to dream. Lovely. All of the things I so desire, and delight in. Conspiring against tragedy.Shakespeare wishes it was a comedy. Escaping from scapegoats, and illness blighting.
A year ago I didn’t have a voice It was robbed By the feeling of uncertainty   It’s an easy feeling To feel trapped
I've been blind I've been blinded I've been so blind that I can't see the signs  I don't notice the signals  I don't know what you want Hell I don't even know what I want 
From this point forward, I shall march into the battle And fight until the end.   From this point forward, I shall be my own commander. No one else will issue my orders.  
Rainbow Love   My sperm donor Some people would call him my father Said he loved me more than a rainbow And that was when I learned  
Last year, I wasn't me.  Well, I wasn't the real me, the true me.  I was the me who ate lunch in the library because I was afraid of talking to new people. 
The curtains rise on the acts of my life, And already there's confusion among the crowd. Nobody's bullied me. Nobody's pushed me, Nobody's jeered, Nobody's called me names,
“Why do you want to be an artist? You have to be creative for that.” “Tattoos will ruin your life.” “People like you can't make it in this world.”
All my life, I’ve kept silent. Held my thoughts and opinions with strife, Scared of the consequences. But as I age, I’ve learned
I was afraid to speak my mind I kept my thoughts to myself. A quiet mouse. A lonely wolf wandering through  the restless night. With no way out of their deadly, poisonous thoughts. 
The model was tall and lean... "Look at that string bean". "Body with no meat, the girl needs to eat" "She looks unhealthy, probably stuck with her career to be wealthy" "What skinny stilettos,
Shy, excited, and turning into a lady This year, my life flipped 180 I was admitted into ASB O the sights I will see!  Nervous and shaky
What compliments do for confidence. Sort of like sun ays to a sunflower absorbing all it can get, never mind the previous dark pitch.
My Vanity,  Is turning to extremity. I'd say its a necessity. The best damn part of me, it's like I won the lottery. Of all the insecurities, mine is an impurity. Have you got the cure for me?
Her prowess is unparalleled, Suppression never dissuaded all that she is-- An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly
Everyone shares, but not everyone cares. Poor child putting her heart out for the vultures.Just for a stroke of approval.Why?Because society says approval is needed. Human nature says approval is needed. 
Because they didn’t like me, I would walk into class in my clothing that is different from what everyone else is wearing, terrified that someone would point me out and laugh. My makeup is heavier and darker than everyone else’s.
I believe in Everything I believe in the wonder Santa leaves in the heart of children I believe in the magic Fairies bring to youngsters
She As In Me? - A Poem from "Her Deepest Witihins" novel coming soon.     
I catch my 10 year old little brother staring down the weighing scale I guess you can say That’s he’s a bit... Broader Beefier Fluffier
When the odds are stacked against you, Believe. When failure is not an option, Believe.  All heros started from nothing, but they Believed. No matter what age, gender, or race you are,
I’m just a normal girl Whether it’s from my blood or my actions You sat next to me not knowing if I would be the right one for you
I am omnipotence. born with a direct connection to profound abundance chosen to be right here right now uttering my thoughts into existence transmitting verbal frequencies
How far will you go for loveFirst maybe just a kiss then a hug but as emotions being to tugyour heart becomes a little looserHoping you'll never have to hear the truth of the matter
I've never been enough I am a living paradox  So complex that I'm not enough Or I'm too much.  So they'll take me for my body    because they can't keep up with my beautiful brain.  Then, they fade a
I hear the cool whisper of wind Blowing softly through my hair I see the vast escape before me And for once I don’t have a care   Why lower myself to worry Why ponder what you think
Beauty is a broken mirror.You try to pick up the piecesNot caring that the sharp edgesPierce your natural skin.The rough edges scar your body; They create jagged lines across something Already beautiful.
the universe birthed you, you were crafted from the very building blocks of life.your hair, streaked by the moon and your skin, pigmented by the sun
Rat. Further. Kory. The worst: Ferrari. 
Beautiful as a butterfly Soft like the sea Like a cat, she is sly And everything like me
You’ve changed.That’s what they keep telling me. You’ve… changed. Of course,you’re right.I’m not thevulnerable,young girlI used to be.
Poetry is the essence of soul Poetry is the your heart and mind releasing how one feels at once Poetry is letting people know who you are. Poetry is the love of art Poetry is the love of being bold
You make me happy when skies are grey. And even when they’re not.   Because we are taught That things are conditional. I’ll do this, If you do that.   For some reason we struggle
Faith? Wht's that supposed to be? Believing in the path she's on she thought Even as all outside of me falls It's maintaining my sight Knowing what I believe I create in my life
When I was a young girl  Is when I first noticed My bashfulness got in the way I had so many thoughts that swirled in kalediscopes and So many dreams that were swinging high above the trees
I promise to write every day, Even if it’s only a sentence Or a short paragraph That kinda sucks And sounds like I was drunk
It's difficult to walk away from sunflowers,With their adoration and life spreadSo neatly across their features.But you do. Because, that adoration isn't for you.
I need your gentle fingers To grace my skin As your warm arms embrace me And hold me together   I need your soft lips To linger on each syllable As your words Talk my mind off a cliff
Walking down the street, my mind as clear as the baby blue sky, "Hey, look at that girl, she's one of them!" says one angry, aggressive guy Now my mind is not clear, it is far from pristine,
You are a mountain
I have it  deep inside but it struggles. I struggle. The only need for my survival is within me but it is kept with inferiority  They say to keep your head up high 
All I need Is my black+ness; Making a home out of my skin Deep with+in Proof of my ancestors’ reignin’
To be completely unearthed is the beginning of where I find I’m free and to realize that my life is for me and to realize that I am who I should be To be out of your sight and on to something far away
I have this friend that I am useless without. I know, I know, Friends are not meant to last forever. But this one sorta does.
            Who am I without....? That initial fear.              Have I thought this out? I am so prepared.             Do I have a doubt? I won't back down.             Will I go all out?
To feel like this, unhinged from a door keeping me hostage, I can truly say now that all of the marrigolds spotting the sun are planted by the sound of my voice. In my head,
If I were to be stranded Practically left for dead On an island that was without The simple luxury of baked bread   What I would bring with me Is not a book nor journal
I am stuck in a space where thoughts are endless Infinate time with no one but myself If I am to survive in a world that I cannot escape, I need to be asured of one thing: my confidence
I need my melanin  as crazy as that sounds my melanin screams I am who I am,  I need my melanin its my sense of confidence and power,
I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror The reflection staring back at me raised an eyebrow and groaned - honey you look a mess  
I cannot live without my confidence Because in a world where women are seen as Weak. Sensitive. Little. Dolls. You cannot succeed if you don’t believe in yourself
A mist of sawdust moved by the exhalation of a sleeping craftsman With a start he wakes blinking in the late afternoon sun that slinks its way through the drowsy shack
I was a girl, afraid to come out of her cocoon. Afraid of what others thought. I slowly crumpled. Into a ball of dust. Thorns started to bleed,
All I need is love... I'm not talking about that type of love Where you feel a sense of safety when a significant other hold you tight, type of love Nor
I can't let go of my self-confidence, my competence, and my providence.
Show me what you're made of, all bark and no bite The only things he said to me when I got angry or upset As if the five feet of me could not possibly be built from anything solid But I am made from fire and stone
All I need are books and pens And study halls with all my friends. All I need is the internet To answer the questions i dont get All I need is the library And to cry when the stress is getting to me.
Day by day I've lived 
All I need is all me! And if that surprises you, it surprises me! Everytime I say it! Every time I believe it! And its only getting sweeter, when I hear other people say it.
I have a weakness, its unspeakable. My brain keeps pounding, breakable. The sounds of these voices, unreachable. The pain in my head, unbearable. Listen to me, pay attention. Look me in the eyes, dedication.
Confidence is key, At least what they have told me. But how do Eagles soar so high,  So Brave with a valiant battle cry? How do rivers flow so Free, When the near Future can't be seen?
A lot of what people "need"Is a person,That's love;Is an item,That's greed;Neither are for me.I don't "need" anyone,I don't need any single item.What I need is much simpler.All I need
The nerves expand, plunder me throughout Oh why, oh why do I sit here alone? What the future holds, will my life lead to more? Butterflies captured, hands shake Confidence is key, 
It doesn't peel away, but I can take it off It makes me feel beautiful But I can wipe it with a cloth. Compliments from boys all day Somehow boosts my confidence, but It's not me, It's my mask they see
The only time I can’t forget you Is in my drawn out fever dreams. Half human, half animal, You draw me in Like an “Alice in Wonderland” character that shifts
All I really need is me.   Just me. I am not conceited. I am whole.   If you were to remove me from society
What I see when I look in the mirror, I see a scared girl who had to grow up faster than she planned. I see a wannabe.  A girl who wants to be everything she is not. I see a grown woman with a childhood mind.
The first time she fell in love  was when she saw a piece of paper and felt an urge to spill her heart out. She wrote new realities because hers weren't so sweet. She sees the world as it is:
I'm that brown eyed beauty hailing from the ground in which you threw me.   Singing all the blues of nothing coming through me.    I'm that brown eyed beauty  sliding in between you 
What beauty is to you, isn't what it is to me. They say beauty is your skin, pale and fair. They say beauty is in your eyes, they tell all. They say beauty is your mind, strong and smart. 
I look into the mirror and what do I see? I see, this girl staring this girl staring back at me. She’s strong  and protective, but can be shy and quiet, and also quite normal.
eyes do not  age.  they'll always be bright enough dancing with light  to make the bluejays jealous and they'll be deep and mysterious enough to plant elm trees in  they're honest and so loving and 
I used to think things in the world were backwards. I thought nature had gotten things wrong. Like why shadows had to fall behind us. At one point all I wanted to do was hide where no one could see me.
I was shy. Always would deny,  Hanging out with friends. Time went by, This hurt me in the end. I eventually opened back up, Leaving self-consciousness behind. I found happiness,
For many years I was "crazy" Labeled by ignorant adolescents Who interpret sadness as insanity. But how thoughtful they were  To inform me of my worth. They were so goddamn funny,
  You dare walk as confident as I, the Solitaire Queen.   You dare pretend to be as courageous as I, the Solitaire Queen.  
My perimeter is nothing more than painted bricks and broken windows I am filled with nothing less than destructed pride and shattered ego Like rust on steel after an angry cloud's release  
I could pass an hour telling youwhat’s wrong with me, delving into every nook of my weaknesses, every cranny between my ribs. I could pass a day, if
I am beautiful
I am intrepid Forward is the way I go I fear nothing Though I may take it slow Life runs by in the blink of an eye And I would be ignorant to not show Who I am On the inside
Look in the mirror Now tell me what you see Well, If you'd ask me I'd say a set of small eyes And a huge nose And a ridiculously fat stomach And sausage toes
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
I am somebody special. Limited edition.
You tell yourself ou arent good enough for a love like that But you deserve it You deserve spending the rest of your life with someone that loves the same music that loves the rain just as much as you
'98, 17 Man I’m only 17, But there's people always pushing me to do great things,
One tap. Lazy waves drag themselves. ‘Til they lay.  Supine.  … … Two taps. Waves walk about as if without Their morning coffee:
  hands out with your palms up burned and bruised as you're reaching for love that isn't even there   arms aching  outstretched  for so long years and years
Influence was imminent. Inspiration was infinite. Fun, love, bonds, ties, cries. Games, hugs, secrets, thruth, lies. Support and morals drilled in my head. Look up to a roof, come home to a bed.
I was strong. I was stronger than you ever wanted me to be. I was strong in the face of your words, your actions, your “love”. You called me weak.
I will tell you what I am not. I am not someone to be pushed around, or someone who likes their emotions to be played with. I AM a human being, I am someone with feelings inside of me, and a beating heart.
I am the weight that makes the ground beneath me Tremble When I land on my feet. I am the storms that plow through lands and tear Right through civilization's seams.
When we were first together it was all so unclear. I wanted you so badly, but all I knew was fear. Then you held me in your arms and whispered in my ear.
You're okay Don't be scared They don't hate you Don't say that It was a mistake Don't hide your face Yes, they're going to talk Don't cry I know it's hard, but you have me
She Was Me Someone has their eyes on her,
I often wonder:    Did I do the right thing?
A necklace lies upon her breast
When we are young, We learn to form our own ideas. Ideas that fill our minds Like stars fill the night sky And emotions fill the hearts of lovers.
Call me a freak, call me a loser In one ear and out the other I’ll stand tall No matter what you do, you can’t make me fall Because I know I’m different from you
  If you are too silent no one will pay attention to you            he said                    don’t be afraid of your power  she repeated   But fear permeates every fabric of you on days like this
If you know the feeling of the warm sun peeping through your window, it means you’re blessed to feel a sensation.
don't talk to me about what i can't do because i know what i can and that's everything "the sky is the limit" they say  what they should say is "i am your limit  
Wily charms of erected façades placatethe dissimulated crowds of unreasonabilitywaiting to laud falsity to heights unwarrantedwithin this impossible dream-of-a-life covered by
See a kid from high school like all the rest he just wanted to be cool.  Wanted to be the best. He Smoked what they spoke, and drank what they wrote, 
You see it on TV You see it in magazines The image that you wish to be All the girls at school have it Hurling “helpful” insults so you May have it too The image that you wish to be
Living my life secluded inside of this bubble named Passivity She knows her name Oh Too Well She holds me hostage .CAPTIVITY! Restoring me. Keeping me from enjoying fun activities
*clears throat* I'm........awesome. And so is everything else. *lights dim and people applaud*
Knowing you aren't good enough, is the greatest pain. You try your hardest, you drive yourself insane, but no matter what you do, his thoughts remain the same. You look in the mirror,
Five feet tall Sometimes I feel small in more ways than one Anxiety presses against my chest and takes my breath away Insecure and worried Insecure about the way others view me
Today people are concerned with falsified images they create a fantasy world where they are king and their followers are their supposed friends. Where acts of friendship are not hugs, but rather “likes”. They reach out hoping for acceptance.
Almost as if the floor is lava she twirls and spins and leaps toes brushing briefly against the scarred and forgiving ground. She twirls and spins and leaps faster and faster until… jolting awake
the day i first met him i turned to stone. my eyes seemed to fog over when he passed by me and my normally nonstop lips fused together. he seemed to fit so perfectly to me like a lego in my lap but
I'm Daniel at warFacing the tallest of the GiantsMy rocks won't reachMy voice muffled in the echoes of silence
You took advantage of my feeble mindOverpowered my young bones
Friends are those who claim to have your back
"I think I'll call you star" he said  My star earrings jingled As  a slight smile appears at the thought of being a star A fiery balll of light  Shining bright  Watching over everyones dreams  
Strip me of my signatures and you will be left with the essence of my existence.Disregard the opinionated buttons on my backpack,
Filters on photographs hide so many things like the freckles on my nose and the acne on my cheeks   Filters on my words hide the real me how I sometimes cuss like a sailor
Behind the lights and cameras, Behind the edits and makeup,  I am unique. Hidden behind the photoshop Is a girl who just wants to be heard.  Who wants to be noticed,  To be cared for,
No filter, no filter, Can't you see me Sepia, 4 by 6 I need to read me.    "No cameras, please" Can't you see me, I have leaned back 40 degrees Gesturing towards the background, see? 
I am like a purple iris Mkxed into an ocean of blue flowers.  Although my feet are firmly rooted in the ground, I sway slightly in the breeze, always searching for the sun.   
Position one
People always make analogies Saying birds are free; they want to be birds. What is a bird? Nothing more than hair.
I am confident and inquisitive.
This poem deviates slightly from the suggested topic explaining, instead, the psychological state of adolescents and women in this day and age who aspire to a level of perfection that doesn't exist and how the failed attempt to do so leads to
Your hair may look a little dumb, When did you last pick up a comb? However, if that's just your style, It's no reason for exile.   When will you stop all that fear,
15 likes.  20 Likes.  Not enough. Not enough.  Is it my nose?  My Hair?  Why?  Why don't they like me?  Why am I so wrapped  trapped  tangled  my confidence 
I love TV and all its perfectness.
What do you see,When you look in the mirror?You see you,And I see me.We are different,That is perfect,And how it's supposed to be.
Papa always told me I wasn't a porcelain barbie. He said I was too dark to be lovely, I had no pink cheeks nor colored eyes. He refused to stay home most of the time,
My heart is racing. 
I like to think that my words ar
It was just within that moment in which I had taken a mere reflection of myself. A true reflection in which no other could see, unless filtered into perfection. I am a pure, white flower, blooming from fine, fertile land. 
It took me a while to stand up and smile And shine bright despite the crowds. And although now I voice my opinions by choice I haven't always been outspoken and loud.  
A poem about confidence is a lot like a poem about love; They both involve deep emotions that can only be unlocked by one’s self. Whether it be confidence or love, when push comes to shove,
Energy, Great, Cute     Why do I need a filter?  Fun, Sarcastic, Sweet     Why do I need to be fake?  Nice, Helpful, Talented?        I don't need a filter to live. 
The trees whisper to me on windy days,
The trees whisper to me on windy days,
The definition of flaw is defect or fault; The definition itself is contradictory to Heaven and Earth. Everyone is made specifically and perfectly as they are, So any "flaws" are actually evidence of flawlessness.
I am not the shade of my lipstick.Instead I am the
Wake up to the sunlight, Beaming through my window,
With curves large and wide that are slick as butter   brown hair that glistens in the sun   Hazels eyes that reflect the way I feel     A bubbly personality for everyone there   Short temper that gets the best of me   A follower of God,jesus hims
GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified. But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified. What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?
A man. Standing tall with his head held high, to bad there's no gap between his thighs. A man. With eyes that only see the future, if only the world could see his tummy tuck suture.
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
As I move once again to a new state. I hold on to all the memories   Willingfully I go with a heavy heart but hopeful spirits.   Now I say to myself,
I bottled all my tears to save for rainy days I put my bad thoughts in a box and sent it into space   I framed all my smiles and kept them on display I bagged up all my feelings and threw them all away  
Gowing mup i have always been taught to love myself not only for my whole self but for my body as well.
34” Bust 23” Waist Colored Eyes Smooth Skin Healthy Hair Healthy Look   Size Zero Photoshop Airbrush Barbie Victoria Secret Angels Perfection.  
  I am Invisible, Determined I wonder when I will be heard I hear a faint whisper I see a hand held out
  Look Into My Eyes
A real me is a confident me, Hiding from problems is filtering,   Why can we not all be free?  Accepting oneself is challenging.   Knowing who I really am is powerful, Confidence wipes away the haze,
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
I am not delicate but I will wear pink. I am not frightened but I will cover my eyes at a horror movie. I am young but that does not mean I have a blind eye. I am female but that does not make me weak.
The photo taking business changed with a filter. The way that men, women, children, and teens could look at themselves changed. A new desire to impress and maybe look a little more tan.
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
Round face, pointy eyes, dark brown hair, no disguise. A quarter Chinese isn't too much, but I think it is enough to count.   Of course, that probably doesn't mean too much to you people,
one day I looked at the world i made a personal choice long ago that i would vow to see the beauty in it even though most of the time  it was filled with corruption war poverty starvation
I used to look in a mirror and see nothing more than a pale, meaningless skeleton Encompassed by pasty, white flesh with scars that seemed to never fade away no matter how much they healed,
We have all been there: The awkward stage. We all can relate To those uncomfortable times.   When all the girls had Frizzy uneven hair And boys had scrawny Arms and glasses.  
Immaculate, impeccable.
There was a face A face I analyzed like a dissection  Blemished with scars and beauty marks Stained with exhaustion and fear Consumed by society’s ideals A face that did not realize what it was worth
Everybody wanna be flawless Or whatever you wanna call it 
Take a seat, Ms. Universe. Look to the front. Look at the board. Look at the challenge. Take your best shot, Ms. Do Your Worst.   Give it a chance, Ms. Falling in Love. Ask a question.
Money, I have none
Maturity can be seen in many opportunities. Staying classy with an attitude of nasty. Showing off my curves and edges, letting everyone know i have imperfections.  Flashy ring and fancy cars may not be in my future. but atleast im not tortured.
I got three legs. I lost one in a brawl I realized as I stood up so shaky I thought I might fall.   Happy, I yap. You had just walked in. And exactly the moment you saw me 
I think, therefore I am But what do I think?  What am I?   What am I? I am beautiful  I am free I am the fearful and wonderful creature that God made me to be  
This is me.
I am a goddess of perceptual beauty woven by my own intricacies;  a tapestry of feminine familiarity.   I am a goddess of voluptuous curves shaped by motherly hands;
I dont know about you but I wake up flawless everyday No doubt in my mind I'm beautiful in everyway
I woke up like this. I opened my magic, crusty eyes this morning And yawned my genius, stink-breath mouth. I lifted my sleep-heavy body with the strength of lions, Herculean! I woke up like this.
I... am flawless. From the dark, brown dreads that represent the crown on my head, to the white, stylish sneakers tightly laced on my feet, I... am flawless.  I awaken in the morning to encourage my very being,
When I was 11, I was told to branch Out of myself, but the twigs grew in weird places.   When I was 12, I sat on a fallen petal and broke a twig. It hurt.
When perfection is plastic, and beauty is pain, And personality is viewed as a crutch, The world is construed, and I am so proud
My skin. The skin you want to mark. Why should I let you?
I wake up, silence. The earth applauds. My very life-meaningful. It has a cause. I breathe, I feel. I am existing. Lights, cameras, who needs them? I make myself who I am. Fame and glory? Just words overused. Respect is the real reward.
I'd rather my mirror speak truth than lies When a reflection meets my eyes Rather be an elder at my final hour Than a newly sprouted flower Better to be tattered and worn Than word left unsworn
Here I stand I am looking at you And not just you alone
Lack of confidence that is your immortal enemy No one doubts yourself more than you Somehow you cannot outrun these thoughts They are just there Ready to kick you when you are down
She's pretty. No matter how she styles her hair, No matter what clothes she wears, As long as she smiles. So am I.
#NoFilter, I can’t be her Not actually a girl, prefer to be my own Version of self-expression, my decision alone I don’t wear the idealized pink skirts Sexism and racism in society irks
I as a person am not a conversion.
I am made Entirely of flaws But make No Assumptions     I am still PERFECT   I am the goddess of my own domain With the ability to change the world
I am a beautiful black girl. I was born with beautiful kinky hair.  I walk on beautiful thick thighs and I see through beautiful brown eyes.
Accepting. Powerful. Integrity. Looking in the mirror these are the words I see in me I See a Queen The warmth of her soul equally coheres to the fire in her eyes
Do not fear, young manJust swallow your pride
Everyone tells me how beautiful I am, and yet I don't see none of it.   All I see is a hopeful girl holding on to false promises and dreams.   They gather around a
I am flawless But not in that way I am flawless Because I live today I dreamt of suicide once upon a time And I literally thought That death would be fine I looked down the barrel
Lost...... i was lost lost alone in the world, no where to go i looked everywhere and searched for everything i quit i gave up I got so sick of trying trying to be good enough
Rape. It led to my silence. For a year I let what happened control me, let HIM control me. Fear. I was scared.
We all need some cnfidence It gives you power; Power to stand for yourself Power to be strong And power to be endured   When someone is picking on you Even though it isn't right
Confidence is key but no one ever taught me how to achieve it. I learned it on my own by realizing other opinions won't make me any different. 
I am a goddess   I am fierceI am flawlessI am strongI am passionateI am courageousI am powerfulI am a goddess  
What is it that you see when you see me?
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Don't be scared to look at your reflection. Everyone is different, you're the perfect complexion.   Even when your hair is a mess.
Flaws do I have any? I have many. Honestly, I am mentioning none already.   What does it take to be flawless? Trying not to look so aweless. Do we have to break it in like what we do with our heels?
My hairs a mess I don't even distress of how I dress my leggings are all worn people are going to know it's all torn
  Standing in front of the mirror staring at your face and body 
I'll take my crooked finger and point into the mirror reflecting straight off of me, I must've taken a step closer since I vivdly remember what I can still see.   I used my hands to domesticate my wildly untamable hair,
Fabulous Ha! I love that word Eight letters, three snaps Fa-bu-lous
 I'm always the First to come and last to leave because I am a  Leader in a world of followers who live life on social media I'm
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
Color me blind and show me the world You want the money the cars and the girls But I want the rage that comes with the passion The infinity that comes from the intimacy As we create sweet symphony
Pretty face, long hair. Skinny waist, the clothes I wear. Everything must be Perfect. Flawless.   The way I walk, the way I drink. The way I talk, the way I think.
An artist at heart can be the windAlthough people cannot see the strands of a breezeThe soft blows can still be felt against one's skin
I. Am. Flawless. Maybe not to you, or him or her  but to me. I. Am. Flawless. I dance my heart out,
I'm a name and a face, who feels out of place I'm insane in the brain, "Maybe it should be replaced" Is what they say, when they're are jealous. When they see whats inside, the fun adventures I have in my mind.
I am so fucking flawless, yet no one cares to notice. The words I can say make me seem outspoken. If I was on survival island I would never be out voted. Know why? Because I'm that fucking flawless.
People say to be gansta you got to have a sick cut To be cool your quiff game must be on spot Society strives for sprayed on abs and butts that are just too big Well my body might not be perfect
To be honest Physically, I am not in any way lacking flaws. I have hair in places I don't think it belongs, I have fat stick out where I'd rather it not.
When I am down and out I will immediately come back swinging Because I am Joseph A. Conciatori I do not concern myself with what My peers tell me is right or wrong I have a God-given right
Every girl dreams of the perfect life, Getting paid to smile or being a trophy wife. I think we want it easy, but that is not our call, We want to erase any chance that we may fall.
I shook and dissolved into beams  of pride and pain as Neiel Israel spoke the line into existence;   “Every day a black man walks He is like Jesus,
Where is the exact point when you find happiness? When you finally know your self-worth? When you love yourself? The tears, the hardships, the harsh comments
13 160 At a time when all anyone wanted was to fit in, I could not hide in the crowd. If you cannot blend in, you must choose to shrink back or stand out.   18 120
A small city with big dreams Nothing but opportunity
Yeah, it’s
I am who I am because I chose to be that way. I am strong, becasue of the pain I have endured. I am beautiful, because I have taught myself to radiate my happiness. 
Thick thighs, hazel eyes, the voice of an angel. In her own lane. Makes her own labels. We see you! We see you! Bow down bitches! Beyonce coming through.  
Bitten nails cracked knuckles, scars that scream "no!" Grinding teeth unman'ged hair, hunched back that cries "go..."   Dry skin "shy" demeanor,
I wear confidence like a fancy leather jacket crafted from Italy.
Lately there's been a lot of talk about princesses Princesses are kind, loyal, honest, and beautiful I am not a princess I am a Queen I used to be a princess
I am flawless Can't you see? From the top of  my head down
Flawless My words are flawless. My mind is far from perfect And my spelling is atrocious I studder and i stumble,   But my words. My words have never failed me.  
Who I am in all honesty, Is an Individual with vast opportunity. I will let my confidence grow until I speak audibly to the world and this society. Life is no less than an epic odyssey. No, I will not slow my velocity.
There once was a little girl with brown eyes so big you'd think she'd seen a ghost, and tangled waves of hair that fell around her face The little girl with big brown eyes and wavy hair was excited to see the world
They say She's weird They say She's nerdy  they're probably right it's probably true    They say She's to shy That she's to forgetful  they're right again
Blonde hair and blue eyes, That's what makes me, ME;
God is the maker of all        mankindHes so flawless he will blow     your mindI wanna be a member of    his     teamTrying to live holy with
 Being beautiful is not as i appear to be
"You are beautiful in each way that I can
Through my eyes only I can see, The faults, the flaws that lie within me. The way my hair falls to the side,  The way my eyes squint when I smile. The movements I make when my hips sway,
Looking into the mirror, Wiping away the tears. A new day is ahead And a new face appears. No one can see past The cover that is shown, But nobody really understands What is called the unknown.
Apart of me rolled over and look at the coldness of my
I go through struggles everyday, yet I still stand Here now and moving forward always ready Green eyews follow where ever I am My cunning is often deadly
  Exposing yourself where no one can see,  expressing yourself in secret,  letting go in a safety net,  blindfolding the audience, 
To count on both hands how many flaws I have, but to see it adds up to more than 6,  you must be mistaken. Then I realize,  it is not my flaws that are counted, no it is the flaws that society,
Sun shining bright through the window's ruby curtains, She got up. Hair in disarray, Face a mess with squinted brown eyes, She was bare, untouched, raw  
I didn’t need the orthodontist My crooked teeth were fine More than fine, really Everybody said so   I didn’t need the orthodontist My smile was genuine More than genuine, really
The pres
Being abstract is not bad. You don't want to like everyone else. Being creativity and rare is beautiful. This world embracres everyones beauty but, tends to forget their own.
To learn how the world works
To the ideal,
Who am I? That is the question... I walk around, in a ghost town, in a world were I feel unheard, "Nobody is perfect" is what I hear, yet we all strive for perfectiion.
Behind the curtain its cold wont you ever stop laughing? things fall apart the center cannot hold the soul seems to be trapped with no where to go why hide behind the curtain?
What scares me so much? Sometimes, I don’t even know I ask myself this question Before I’m about to go- Hide, leave, run from my fears. Fears that I don’t even know how to describe.
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
Sitting, watching, model like girls, Strut in front of me with tight bouncy curls. Perfect legs and tiny waists, Seamlessly flawless face.   I can't help, but judge myself,
Out of the millions who reside Earth I am no different Fairly tall enough to help when possible Light chocolate skin that should not be judged
Nobody is born flawless No one is a perfect being But when we embrace our flaws And love ourselves for who we are   we are flawless  
Perfect  She screams at me Without flaws  She shouts in my direction That voice perching on my brain This one in a million day that I am knocking it out of the park
I once knew a girl in Junior high , With pretty eyes but kind of shy, her voice was sweet and smooth like butter, But when people saw her they thought nothing of her; She had one friend who she met in elementary,
Why be shy? I am Beautiful I am Bright I just a girl He is just a guy  
Discovery meet, most sweet substantial,  A grim victoire in sober fierce,  Which knowing in its talent fines  To piercing use; the cup hath brimmed And overflowed in talent honed,
Words from my mother Combing through knotted curly hair One ear, Out the other Phrases too hard to bear   Hardest part of the day To me, this is so clear Children go out and play
I am a dog But not any dog
I say fuck the people that so called “raised-me” Really the don’t give a fuck about me lately Should I talk it out with them? I don’t know, Maybe But in this stage it seems impossible
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
I'm not the man behind the curtain, but the Turtle behind the Shell. How can I stop from being trampled on when I can't even stand up for myself? It's hard to stand on solid ground
Flawless Warior 
  First, you will get knocked down. You will fall short of glory at some point. Pressure will be obvious. This big, intimidating world will seem to work against you; you may be held at the mercy of others.
Horrid and Sad I begin to think why doesn't anyone love me/ Gruesome is what I had come to believe I was Little did I know  I was Beautiful   Crying so hard with no words to say
To know every day every wakeing moment that your ugly, your not perfect, and your the one along si
       Self respect is the key to loving yourself It means to not only be truthful  But to be confident To exceed the expectations of your nobles
Flawed Flawlessly
When I was young I was teased and called burned
I am flawless
Water runs so slow Patiently cutting a path I am unstoppable
Concrete blocks on the sidewalk A bounce in every step A beam for each passing face A passion firing to every heart A simplistic reminder
Beauty  There are so many definitions But this is the best You That's all  Just you  You are beautiful You are flawless No but's about it You may not be a platinum blonde
What are flaws? But imperfect perfections? It's all in your perspective I am beautiful Because I say so Because I am my only  judge Personal image is such a struggle in today's society
"You can not do it.", said the Smirking Lips, as they dangled below the nose. I persevered.   "You are worthless.", cried the Leering Eyes, as they squint on in disdain. But I persevered.  
If you told me 16 years ago that my life would turn  out like this, I wouldn't have belived you.   16 years ago I was innocent I was free without restrants I was happy. 16 years ago
When I wake up, I don't think about how I'm gonna impess the world. I wake up knowing I am a beautful girl. When I look in the mirror the person staring back at me,
What is love? I don't know, For yet I have experienced it.  
Behind This Mask is a scared little girl,
Fuck yes,  I'm ace. I'm ace as hell.   People might say I'm broken or maybe confused or that I just haven't met the right person.   Well, they're wrong. My sex drive is 0.
The True Me? The True Me is everchanging. When I try to find it, it morphs because I was not the same person I was finding it as I was when I found it. When I see her, few things remain the same:
words can hurt  doesn't mean they are always true they dont always come from a credible source you look ugly they say brown eyes with rosy cheeks you look fat they say chubby cheeks my jeans are tight not prett
As Girls Go  
My brain is FLAWLESS Working hard for my success
I tried so hard to fit in, ignoring who i was, ignoring my beliefs. The thought of being wanted, the thought of being loved, i gave it much more value than it was really worth.
I don`t make a secret of this But just in case you didn`t know I`m kind of Napoleon And I know what you`re thinking But no, For the record Napoleon wasn`t short
Shouild I or should I not? Liquide courage to undo the knotsthe gravity of getting caughton to the stage a lost paradoxcrucified, mockedmouths cocked, aimed taught to teach cost
What is The Duality of Man?  I ask myself this behind a wall with my-head-in-my-hands.
My heart pounds  My palms sweating 
I love the sharp pain And the loud bang Of a laced leather glove Driving through your brain   Many call it " the salvage science" I call it organized violence.
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
A slim waist. A perfectly proportioned face. No shape. Fake. The idea of a role model is twisted and deflicted by society. See girls are told to love them selves
Living in a society filled with hate;Where People are judge by gender, ethnicity, and race.Hateful words storm through the air;As I stand in silence with a disgusted face.
Who I was three years ago and who I am today, are polar opposites   Three years ago, I was hindered by fear and lack of confidence   In my mind I knew I could be great
    I won’t apologize for my complex emotions that can be your ecstasy or your next nightmare. I won’t apologize for being the one who won’t bow down to your word and whim.
i will be a stronger person. i believe in myself and my determination. i shall make my family proud and seek my education.
When will my bones stop aching when will my chest stop quaking from my missing you   I must be the one  I must become some one so I can love myself more than you
My golden eyes hide behing the pounds of mascara that shade my natural beauty.   Constrained by the norms of society I fake it until I can one day make it, Hoping for a chance to be myself,
Just as darkness escapes the light
Off   You fell off, No, not off the edge of earth,
And when life becomes the longest thing you have ever experienced;the most difficult essay you have ever written;the most somber song you have ever performed,
Misfit. Miss fit. Miss, fit into the box of what ladies should be. Miss fit into a pair of size two jeans.
Mind alteration? Mine’s naturally alternative. What do you say to the dreamy kite-flyers When all your life you’ve been high?
you love to call me thick  that must be a slick way to tell me to lose weight .  You tell me to put salad on my plate .  I heard you World , to be honest .  This pound cake is too good and it already on my plate . 
Pictures of my past Haunt me as they last Conquer I must For y future is what I trust I have grown stronger each year And finally college is almost here Applications have been sent
I’ve been described as free, a description that stayed with me because I can’t be tied down, what’s the point. What’s the point to be an equal in society, I want to dance
The butterflies flitter in my stomach, 
My are are closed when I walk I am someone who hides behind my own shadow submisive to others because I think they will not accept me
POOF! Now I am confident! SNAP! Now I am beautiful! BOOM! Now I am talented!   Here I stand, So hear my demands! My confidence has surly convinced you!
What is the love of confidence?
Beware for I have no easy knack for writing, But that is not stopping me from trying.   Come hither, I will read you a letter.
Puffed chest like the rest  
"Being Human"   Being Human Means You Strive for Acceptance,
Chains no more I'm lifted from my burden Snapped my fingers and the earth flew away Chains no more  Spelling out my freedom Meeting my prosperity for the first time Chains no more
Misogyny By Bre Jon Harris     I am me not what they portray me to be Misogyny What’s that??? Hatred for women I see Politically Does this strengthen the legitimacy?
Quirp Whore Asshole Loser  Bitch   You spit splatters of wavering whines Your words ringing through my spine  Judgement reflects from your eyes 
I want to do ballet. NO. You’re not flexible enough. I want to do beauty pageants.  NO. You’re not near attractive. Ok.   I’ve made six A’s and one B this quarter.
life Is A pond  I refuse to be define 
Crickets chirp in the dead of the August night,  "Listen, listen, listen to us!" I start to tear up, throat closing around pain, but I am not suffering.
  I hurt and I ache but they will never know, I'm not the same as I was three years ago.   My old self is knocking, trying to escape--
Often, I'm precieved from a distance, as this average girl. I've always been this very shy, a self confomative young lady. I hope to leave a legacy. I don't wish for wealth or popularity.
I don't ask for much, I don't expect much either, Not from you anyway, All I really want Need From you is Your acceptance. Am I asking too much? Because you're making it Seem so.
makeup is a breakup  and makeup is a lie
Downgrading someone’s beauty because of the shade of their skin?That’s like loathing a flower for the colour of its pigment.Lessening someone’s attractiveness because of the texture of their hair?
She looks at her hands Delicate hands which haven’t done much Shy hands which could change the world with just one touch­­ Any act they make Could be a mistake Quick, hide them. Back in your jean pockets.
My Body is not "my body" in fact it is a blessing. My body is not yours to be kissing, loving, and caressing. From my curly nappy hair that screams with African strength. To my long spider fingers rich in their length. 
Confidence is key. Key to self-trust       Key to trusting yourself             Key to taking chances                   Key to life Key to success Whatever succes really is
You look people in their eyes and can easily see into the depths of their soul, but never have you been able to shake hands with Your own
I am a flower ready to burst open and show the world my colors,
I am a weak, depressed, lost, little girl who is not capable of anything. and I refuse to fly free and believe in the fact that one day I will become of worth and somebody you will remember.  
Past     closed up pizza jointsPast laundromats, through the dying noisethe nights tick on like clockworkwatch the calendar as my steps unwind
I fear to dream like to fear to breathe, Asking to much of the gods above,  Becasue when I dream I reach it, But sadly I can't keep it,  Like rays that shine through a window,
I see a flower blooming in the dark. No sunlight or fed nights  Shes a little seed tryna live life  Got a hold on of what she can't see  Being fooled by those... 
Kites are in sight in mid summ
Emotions that are undefinable, Thoughts that are indescribable. They seem to eat away at my happiness.
You can achieve anything from goals to dreams. Theres just 3 steps. 1.)You must believe you can.
Magnificence was not something I questioned as I child Certain People deserved to be heard
We waste our time of day fretting over our subdual to the nachos We waste our time of day obsessing over the knick in our expensive boots
 “Never let the pains of a torn soul tear you,” The words of myself to myself.                                                                                                          A difficulty like no other,
Rusty nails pin these twisted roots of the house, which so adorned, is now decrepit. Flies decorate the windowsill Constellations of shattered glass The ember cracks, a small, resilient base reduced to ash.
  Sometimes I feel
It's been days when you've been just sitting there relaxing Relaxing like you don't feel those contractions It's been years since you felt satisfation It's time for a change, put in action!
I know my value.I know my worthand some of you just aren't worth my time.
It's all about the money, It's all about the popularity. I don't think I fit in with it. Don't want to be a part of it.   I tried I couldn't handle it, I took my pride and I ran with it.
Here I stand with nothing of my own, Everything was given to me from the start. Standing on an empty road I must take this path alone, Watching everything fall apart.
Are you going to let me talk? Or should I start to walk? If you would listen then you would know That when I talk, my feelings show. You won't let anyone see How pretty I can actually be.
I hope one day to be as proud as a bluejay. Standing tall and fierce, hopping about to get what I want, sure that nothing will get in my way.
I don't seem to get the meaning in making more meek men suffer man made rules   Its a never ending cycle of tips and tunes and steps and breaks   Eyeing the moving hands,   
"Of course, all I'll ever be is the wallflower.
Not because your fingers don’t twitch as you shove them in your pockets, hungry under the nails for my skin.
My mind is a portal to worlds of possibilities of success. There I sit in my imaginary kingdom of ease and finesse While I caress my thoughts of future glory and a new kind of persona- A man that will generate much fame and renown.
Once the years of  scholarly things come to a close, I wish to help those who've fallen.   Those who feel down, despise themselves for their body and their lacking
I am chained in a cage. Exposed and vulnerable like a nerve. But the joke is on them. I may be trapped, but I'm not a captive.  The fire in me would make Hades run for the hills.
A muscle to a word A feeling you never heard My power is broken For there are times when I am choking The full body strain To all the mental pain I have the sight But I have lost the light
I think it sucks that we only have mirrors and pictures and selfies to see who we are. To see the light manifest itself in a way that shapes the reflection of our bodies and our scars and the things that scare us.
Permanant marker X's  All across her mirror She stands in the same spot  And looks at every error  Like a wrong answer  Like a failed assignment  But at least she won't have to look 
That whisper. That whisper. Distress. Suppress. That murmur. That murmur. Mortify. Fortify. That cry. That cry. Duress. Redress.
Look in the mirror and see  you are nothing you want to be. Sad face, permanant frown. The only way to go is down.   What if one day, that all changed?   Confidence is key
Society Society commandeers every bit of our lives We would never live as hermits Or make our homes out of living trees
If I could change one thing, Just one little thing in the world, I would tell the lonely the speak up and shout out what they have to say. We quiet ones aren't deserving to be outspoken,
Nobody can do it like you Working hard everyday To make your dreams come true I wanna be in that "Miss Independent" Life Just so I can say "Mama I made it and all the fake people hated"
Some people refuse to acknowledge the limitlessness of their beauty. An indicator of this type of person is the recalcitrance of their shackled acquisition 
the thing I would change is my very own image why, you may ask is because others make me feel like garbage but it's not just me if you look around, it's others too you see the thing about today
A smiling face Being like a beacon From the crowd Tired eyes and sad looks Dominate the room Gloomy looks dull the area A smile. A smile! Shining like polished gold
Born to be individuals Living for everybody else What is self? Love is hard to find When you look for it in different places And hide your confidence in the basement
When will I be able to wear shorts to school Without being harassed, touched, and stared at?   When will I be able to walk at night Across the street, across town Without being scared of every shadow?
Beautiful   I see girls with flawless faces Golden tan skin from minority races And I tell myself that I am beautiful
hello sir hello ma'am I want to tell you who I am but all these questions smother me put me in a box so I can't see no sir, I am better than that I am fun-loving kind and confident
hello sir hello ma'am I want to tell you who I am but all these questions smother me put me in a box so I can't see no sir, I am better than that I am fun-loving kind and confident
My love is deep for ever and everMy love is real can survive any weatherMy love is pure something so smoothMy love is nuturing some what like foodMy Love is loyal
Pu Puff Puff Pass *Smoking motion* Pu Puff Puff Pass *Smoking motion* It's like a jungle sometimes so I just roll that Tropic Thunder Roll that Tropic Thunder I stay high to keep from going under
I would change the view that it's not you to look up at one another as we walk from point a to point q   I would change how we feel when we're in a class
Confidence is key. Where would I be without this essential trait? Building my own confidence has been a huge challenge.
please beware the end is near when it gets here i expect you to care if you do then head my advice if you dont youve been warned for when we reach the end the rope
I lack somthing that many people have. Sometimes it makes me quite mad. I want to walk while not looking down. but, I always seem to be like a stray hound that wishes to be found.  If i had confidence
Admit you
I'd change my face The large pores, the dimpled chin Sharpen the roundness, put teeth in a brace
As I walk down the halls of my humble abode, Everyones smiles look depleatd and scorn. A Princess who is this years 2014 prom queen, A criminal who is bastardly and obscene.
Society whispersAbout who we are required to be.Society tellsUs that we, as human beings,Who try our bestTo be ourselves-Conforming to another lie-
Feeling good, oh so perfect Maybe the pain was really worth itPassing through my depression Set aside my aggression Although it returns so abruptly It passes by, I don't stay stuck B
Everyone wants me to change never pleased this or that as long as I'm not me Whether it's my hair or my grades my weight  or my face Everyone wants me to change But I won't
  Lift me from the abyss I have plummeted.  I'm falling and I've lost my rope.  Take away my agony as I begin to choke.  What I thought was water was really glass. 
As I stood there silently waiting, I already began to feel their eyes on me, As if a blinking light sat upon my head, Blinking, flashing, blaring.   With every glance and every whisper,
Look at meSilky, milky whiteBlackRedYellowIt doesn’t matterBecause I have skin that I enjoyAnd that you enjoyAnd beneath that skinI have so much to offer
Misunderstood, Misunderstood, I'm often times Misunderstood. I'm very smart and successful but I'm still Misunderstood. If I could change the world overnight, I'd do it if I Could.
Have the eye of the tiger, the heart of a lion, and
  A smile.  A small but powerful act of kindness,
 Look into this mirrorAsk me what I seeThe answer could be really simple,I see me! Only the outside; just what everybody else sees
The cold harsh wind blows on your face, Splashing on puddles. Covering your face and letting the rain mix in with your tears. You’re running to get away; you’re running to be free.
      Letters from an emotionless robot    dear emotionless robot, Do this, stop that go here, stay there, walk, don’t run listen, don’t talk express, but don’t create
Everyone has a secret to bury:   The girl with the blonde hair, enticing smile, brand new car, the quarterback boyfriend... The "perfect" life.  Her life isn't as perfect as it would seem.
I envy the people beside me. They have the newest, the latest, the flashiest, I have the cheapest I could find
Woman is an angel sent to Earth back in the day,
Looking at myself, Smile, that’s all I need to do Be happy and live
It starts from my chest And begins to bubble up Until it escapes   My frozen lungs begin to melt and the words begin to spill   My burning heart relights
  I woke up today with tears in my eyes. Walked down the hall, Mom asked what was wrong; I couldn't lie.. Mom held me close and whispered in my ear Words that still ring, loud and clear:  
The flower upon your head,
Begin the dance. Lock the door. Put on the mask.   Shape the curls. Brush on the paint. Plaster the smile.   Look in the mirror. Look away. Begin the dance.  
We spin and We twirl Preforming is what we do  Smiling at the crowd
I tan, I whiten, I flat iron, I brighten I paint, I conceal, I pluck, and I peel.
Society has a mindset, a mindset that you have to look like a photoshopped picture on a bilboard or magazine.
It takes 10 seconds: 4 seconds of thought, 2 seconds to breathe,  4 seconds of courage. 10 seconds is all you need to face your biggest fear, to stand up for yourself, to change the world.
For a long time I changed myselfBecause I never gave myself the Time and opportunity the ability to Understand myself
"My, my, aren't you a cute darling!"I show my crooked teeth in a grin;it catalyzes a chain reaction in the crowd.Everyone seems to say the same thing,and nobody suspects how I don't believe them.
I belive in angles, in love at first sight. I belive in dreams and nightmares. I belive that giving up is the easy way that's why we must never give up. I belive in God, he's the only one who loves us more than anything.
"Tell the story of your life, and tell it well," they said.
I wake up every morning to my fans shoutin' my name,
Long hair, short hair, curly, straight, unmanageable. Wide thighs, small waist, size 10 skinny jeans. Shirts with extra stretch, make sure they fit over your chest. Extra small for your 32A breast.
mandatory they say, meaningful they say, it'll take you there they say,                                              were you want to be and were your checkpoint awaits.                                                                          but
Stop, Constant struggle to ignore the harsh words, drama and hate fill the halls,
As she paints on minerals, some call beauty the reflection transforms flaws erase as beauty is painted on the tinted liquid that fills your jar isn't beauty the smile you give when that chuckle is released
When your teacher tells you your skirt is too short or your top is too low and you know that when you walk into math class, the reason your raised hand is getting ignored isn't 'cause you're stupid,
The walls just keep crumbling... Into the sea in which I keep fumbling As I looked upon the water something I wasn't able to see A reflection of my world and the reflection of me
Hello there, I just wanted to say Be confident, stand up for yourself today.   Don't let them bully you. Don't let their words bog you down. Just like that one saying: Turn that smile upside down.
What happened to being
Numbers and sizes do not can not define you. They could never show a beautiful heart, soul, or mind. Stretch marks, acne, or birthmarks can’t show the type of person you are.
I am body and my body is bone And in this body, my mind makes its home Ask me, tell me, teach me, it rushes
English, Physics, French, History, Algebra, Spanish, Calculus, and Chemistry. Do they not realize our suffering, our pain? Why can't we be taught skills beneficial to retain?
  Love can never forget Relationship will never regret A special day for you and me A special one cannot see To the sound of your voice on my neck, the warm of your lips on my cheek
If only you knew How my heart jumps a little when I see you, How I spend hours picking out an outfit, And go all out with my makeup Only to impress you If only you knew
If you're going to go go determined If you're going to walk walk with purpose With every step  know you can accomplish any and everything you WILL overcome all obstacles in your way
More performance! Longer legs and point your feet, Remember the lower body details! Watch for the starts and stops, Stay in step! Maintain spacing, too many drill issues. Rifles be confident,
How come when a white looking Hispanic man kills a black boy it's all over the news, When, African American is killing African American. Sometimes they are boys, Six and seven!  
Walking down the hall I see so many faces Faces of people I know But never speak to And the loud girls They make friends so fast But the shy ones What chance do they have?
Terrifying, yes. But unconquerable, no. Confidence is key. 
We line up like marching ants We listen to the Queen Bee.   Tell me what to do  Tell me what to be    I sweat  I smell I stress   The #2 pencil shakes in my hand
Smile. Most of you may think it is impossible, Irrelevant and insignificant. Laughter and joy is what comes next, Eternal peace if you just Smile.  
  You ask why I go against the grain It is because it I am above it  I am more superior then those who make rules I am not a follower I am a leader  You cannot stop me from doing what I want 
If we keep going at this rate Floating, drifting Let the wind take us where it wants We'll be nothing more than lost balloons Trapped in the blue nothingness until Some deadly force comes along and -
Lines in perfect symmetry,Depicting the image I tell you is me.A sweet, warm smile and hopefilled eyes,You'd never guess that this masterpiece liesThe passionate strokes and the colors I used - 
I look everyday on TV and see I cannot relate To these pageants queens who exemplify the "perfect" mate And I question my beauty My worth And I wonder what can I change?
One day, I will be that girl. I will be that girl who is confident, Who is strong, Who is powerful. One day, I will be that young lady. I will be that young lady who is outspoken, Who is justified,
Look into my eyes. I want you to see, sweet angel, That it's okay, Not to be okay.   I know you are sad, broken. I am too.   I want you to smile, Because you are perfect.
10 digits to never call again To never text To never press send 10 less headaches 10 less tears shed 10 digits not to think about lying in bed 10 less arguments Yeah, 10 less laughes
Your lifeYour choiceYour bodyYour voice You can say noYou can yes In the end, you live with the mess It's your lifeYour choiceYour bodyYour voice
you like girls withlong, flowing hairhair that twists and turns and flows as the breezeflicks it and it danceshair that shines and sparkles and
The pale moon floats in the sky I wake up in the dead of night These are the nights that I despise Where there is no hope, no light It is always Dark - Countless thoughts Afraid I’m the only one
Dear Beautiful; 5-7-9 that's every girl's dream To be thin, perfect and hotter than the sun's radiant gleam To have a gorgeous face that's every girl's objective
The aesthetic beauty of the mind to behold. Not one can abate my hunger, my disease, I've come upon these thoughts to ponder, The substantial blank you bring appease. To whom to which the eyes behold,
Remember back then when I said I was all for me yeah I lied Writing this at 3 am with my pillow full of tears that I've cried Why did I lie maybe because I thought saying it to myself would make it real
Sometimes my body is colder than ice, I forget to breath twice in the moment. Lighter than sand and heavier than bricks, My body can only take so much of this ish. Darker than black, madder than mad,
Burn my name from your heart And forget me, like I was never there Melt my tears that froze on your cheek On that winter day I cried for you   With eyes like fire and words sharp as ice
  Jealousy is a strange thing; like drinking cold coffee in the dark, like howling for the moon to sacrifice its light or watching a                     beautiful couple
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
You think you broke me with what you said. You think you broke me and left me for dead. THOUGHT I'd be submerged into your idea of beautiful. THOUGHT I had to change to be considered normal.
Please do not judge me on my face  My religion or my race  Don't judge me on my hair  Where I live or what I wear  Don't judge me on how I look Or even the way I cook 
It is like the biting into the core of a cold,chilled lemon, the realization leaving its memory to taste like a deep, salty, sore. It holds and grabs, a needle piercing deeply against your skin, my skin
Ran a stop sign, Confidence Got lost in the woods, Confidence Stood up to a bully, Confidence Beat everyone in the poety slam, Confidence
I dot the foundation on the uneven areas of my skin, like I’ve seen my sister Rose do. Figuring out the uneven areas isn’t hard, since my cappuccino birthmark is not the same pecan tan tone as my skin.
"More" Written By: Madison P. B.   Wanting so badly Wishing for more But how can I ask that of you?   I should be happy That I get something
       History is in the making.  As a matter fact it's very similar to baking. A little salt for the flavor and biter root for the haters. Then add some sugar to the mix and you have the beginning of a flick.
What shall become of the worldAs our finger around the trigger is curledAs people continue to fight their brothersDestruction is the answer to win all the powersBut what is power when no one is left
The paper is like my mind, often blank and unclear On this sheet I struggle to make sense of what I hear. The pen holds all of my power It contains the feelings I hold deep inside hour after hour.
You can only touch half of me, This half, This side, You can touch.   The rest of me I hide inside protectively, Guarded, By a shell I constructed of insecurities.
Be yourself Dont let anyone tell you cant be Express, love and smile Thats my style Pink, green, red and blue Let out all your emotions with color that are inside of you
You say you’re invested but you look far from interested You say you care, but your presence is never there For you I am a matter of convenience But you consume my entire existence
Living in a world surrounded by vanity I have a rapidly diminishing sanity To love myself this way, it is complete and utter blasphemy
Somewhere there someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, just remember its true somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.
Be courageous. A single moment can Free and ignite a lifetime. Doors can be blown wide from Rash, unadulterated bravery. A mere minute can birth A new universe of opportunity.
Hey You! Yeah you! You’re beautifulI’m just jokingYou’re actually drop dead gorgeous when you smile rainbows fill the sky
Little girls growing up. Limited in their visions. Little boys growing up. Limited in their prosperity.  Who are we? We the people. We are supposed to be free. Who are we? We the people. We are meant for simplicity.
When you feel like giving up,  And you just want to die. Remember all the people you love, And who would want you to try. When everything is going wrong, And life seems like a sad song.
I write because I can be happy I write because I can be free Writing helps me express unwanted & hidden feelings Writing is what showcases ME
 As these words ascend from my mind, this prosaic piece of paper transmutates  into something strikingly stupefying. Suddenly the cogitations of my spectators are saturated
Beneath the lonely starsSurrounded by uncomfortable silenceNot knowing where you standTrying to keep your balance
I look at into the mirror At my clean face, Preparing to paint on the Exterior what everyone expects to see. I start with my skin; The record of my aging. I take my foundation and
  By Chanda Bynum   I see this girl And she is a girl with straightforward eyes and blank expressions. The Maker has sculpted curvaceous hips and thighs into her gene pool
Honey, You’re beautiful Never Settle for less; your value is too high.   You’re perfection just the way you are. Don’t mess that up.   Don’t wish to be anybody else
Take me to the open road A place where possibilities are endless Where times will be blissful and free And where times will be hard and troublesome Take me to the open road Where I will make it to my destination
  What is beauty? Well if I were to give the simplest definition I’d say you. What is beauty?
  The first time I laid eyes on you I knew we were bound to be together   You're so different from the rest I feel like you express who I am   I'm so very fortunate to have you
Round of applause Picture me everyday on your tv screenHard to believe but it's possibleAm I living in the land of opportunity?Not reallyI am the hope of the pain stricken slave. 
  Why did she say that? I wonder what he thinks about me? I wonder how they feel? What if she doesn't like me? How do I let them feel? I think they hate me? Did they say that I am fat?
I looked at her I took a good long, long look at her At moments she was as pretty as the multi-colored sunset, waving goodbye as it faded it into the ocean
I’ll Never Be Her The one with the luscious hair Shoulders lining up to her waist The flirty yet smart one The ditzy one everyone help The one that’s right but nice The kind that never gets misplaced
I was looking to hit the big time Heading to Charlotte to make some cash Driving around in my Dodge Colt Vista, looking for work wherever I could find it A college graduate left completely broke and seemingly broken within Twenty minutes to 1 A.M.
36- 24-36 The measurements of perfection The ideal hourglass figure; Big boobs, skinny waist, wide hips
What’s hard enough to chip a diamond? I don’t know, but I’m pretty cracked. Yet I have learned to refract trials and tribulations into ROY-G-BIV’s of hope and celebration.
  Full circle Press forward, harder, stronger…show ’em what you’re made of. Prick your finger – blood.  You are human, Alive.   Harness the light, Grasp it, hold it…be one with it.
I've been searchin' the web for months now Looking for someone to be my cash cow someone to pay off that tuition and clear the way for me to complete my mission  
I like how we grow up mentally when we grow up physically Like when you're young and make sure your poems rhyme, even if they don't make sensically But then we decide to jump out of our immature shell, which was once ok
(poems go here)   Looking at her with her Chinchilla fur. Lady of Guidance and Grace only to shut you down in your face. With her arrogant brow she demands all to take a bow .
You know, you might look at me and think that I've got it all together, this much is true. But if you dig a little deeper, the truth will come through. You see, I'm just a young man with a hope and dream, a little talent, too.
The struggle and pain is real and pure. Living a life you never wanted to live And also enduring the pain that it brought. Everyday that should be a bright and sunny day, Is dark and full of misery.
It would say: For eyeliner, mascara, blush, and concealer, All there for girls appeasement And there magical purpose Remains to bring about disguise
Leave my Body Broken, I'd Rather Focus on More Important Things Keep my Words Hidden and my Meanings Skewed. They Mean More that Way.
Sometimes there are disruptions with the true beauty in life Those once in a while moments "Are my front teeth crooked? My arms are too flubby! Why do I have such ugly dark circles?!"
Why am I me? The air I breathe is so thick at times Days like these I just close my eyes The tears fall at the wrong times When I laugh I wipe my wet skin When I'm sad my skins dry
I needed it. Release. You know, let go. Be gone. Release. Where was this magnanimous means that would submerge my problems Flush out my feelings Bequeath my body with boldness
I'm small.   And I've got kinks, in my hair, in my spirit.   I'm small and I'm odd.   My mind developed a bit differently; it was both constrained and released,
Double edged sword, mind of a whetstone Be humble Be proud Be quiet Be loud A person can't have an ego Can't have self worth Without the stab of arrogance Selfish But in the absence
I have heard that the sky is the limit but I do not want to stop until I touch the sun and dance in the moon’s pearly crescent.
She sits on the bank, gazing out Across a vast expanse of glittering silver That sparkles under golden sunlight, And blinds when she Stares.
When it began, no one could tell How hard it was for me I was just like the other boys and girls Just with more energy
As the lights go out Our minds begin to render thoughts and things we pushed back. Back to the depths of what we fear. Fear of the times we dare not share,
Walking through the halls I watch The faces of peers passing by Their faces showing disdain or boredom Or joy at the prospect of passing period.
Find me the definition of STRONG. Let it be the wind underneath my wings. Let it fill me up and pour out. Help me understand STRONG. I cannot afford to be anything but.
Fragile yet beautiful Bruised yet perfect Small yet noticed One of a kind Amongst a field of a thousand So unique, noticed from a mile away So special, It can't be forgotten
Like a touch upon the heart He touched my hand. A feather, caressing my pain within. I fell apart.. I fell, melting through the tiniest all seams. Like that feather knew
All I've ever known is what's in front of me. I often sit and never take the chance to see. I'm pushed around by the choices that I can't take back. But I'm stuck because I chose to rest. So I can't even get mad.
I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine. Best friends forever, No matter how far away. We'll find the means To stay that way. I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine.
My Christ, lord and savior, reign down on me. I just wish everyone could see ya! And the truth to be seen! How can I show my God, when all i do is sin. Ball my life up in a wad,
There was a child Not defined by worldly insignificances Wondering about life abroad and wild With a mind surrounded by fences
I’m an angel within but I fear my wings Those graceful, feathered, astonishing things I hide them away so that I can deny This beautiful girl, whom I transformed into a lie Searching in mirrors trying to figure it out
Confidence, she wears a yellow dress, Doing nothing, but her best In all that life throws at her Disregarding all the rest. Confidence, she wears a yellow dress.
I found a way to communicate It's not like everyday talk I've thought of ways to ask But I just get up and walk
Strength is being weak, but continuing to walk. It’s carrying on when everyone says you don’t have to. It’s stepping up to the plate, standing up to the man, and buckling down when times get rough.
I’m talking about crown on my head & power in my palms. Closed fist in the air as I defend my cause, To be treated like royalty and never anything less, For I know my worth, so don’t take my warm heart for weakness.
Unbroken silence Quiet is all around me My eyes search for sound Seeing is hearing Even what is not spoken Eyes hear everything Life with no hearing Silence is normal for me My life is not loud
Here we go again The record players broken Its hard to miss Hearing all that’s unspoken I’m sick of this Waiting for the lights to go out
Someone once asked me about my stretch marks, Ohh, I replied. Are you referring to the sun kissed rays that relax on my outer spine?
When I go meet God, I'm gonna have to give myself up to you. Lose my life, lose my heart, lose my soul! I have been dirty and broken and don't deserve your love.
Am I good enough? Who are you to say I’m good enough? Who am I to say I’m not? Not adequate, not worthy. Worthy of the things I have and more, and the things that God has in store . . . for me you see it is not easy to speak highly of myself.
what should I do which side to pick in this battle in my mind that’s killing me inside my heart chooses one society chooses one and I pick one and I pick wrong and I know it’s wrong
You gave me life, my first breath taken was yours first. You loved me before I knew who I was. You watched over me while I slept, Letting peaceful dreams take me to a world not my own.
Incarcerated, but not in a real prison. Limiting myself.
The Words Hit You Like Endless Bullets. Face Them Head On, Never Give Way To It. Heard It Once, Heard It Twice. The Words They Through Out Are Meant For Your Demise.
Bravery, a concept of strange humanity Is it real, does it even pertain to me? Myth, legend, flaw of the human brain Something some feel is the need to gain.
Soil harsh and fierce like the winter winds, You pushed, and were pushed back, Back into the darkness where it all began, You insisted, demanded, and your tenacious attitude only led you back to the silent darkness,
The short little fat girl who gets panic attacks thinking about speaking in class The casual hoodie always on ---as if to hide me Source of security
Come Take a seat Take off your load Tell me about your day as i try to rid your stress let me take your hair down as you let your hair down unload your troubles for today i am your psychiatrist
As if someone is pushing against me Every effort made, shot down backfired with some kind of unknown karma Its something we all need to figure out Money out of question, with a family full of struggle
I feel the eyes staring, watching I hear the voices giggling, whispering Their words lay on my shoulders like tons of bricks trying to bring me down.
When the walls fall and the mist clears. I stand tall. When the walls fall and I let all of my fears fly away. I shine through darkness.
Oh how this sadness truly deepens thee Only in sense of light can I show pride If you could bear then this is meant to be Because in you I vowed to seek and find So now that you are here I want to show
Lately I've been struggling with the fact That I am constantly worrying And anxious about everything. I want everything to be right But I know that's just not possible. I realized that I have to let go
I let the chills take over The feeling of being unwanted A storm raining on my parade For my feelings came crashing down Raining confessions Of how I was truly feeling about my imperfections
Something I struggle with but absolutely understand is there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I love this godiva mocha skin i’m in.
You begged, and pleaded, and wished for the world on a string. And instead they presented you with a sorry ball of yellow yarn. So you decided to "make the best of it" And proceeded to knit a sweater of hope:
Hope is the thing with wings, that perches in the soul. Or so I've been told - Hope is more like a stalking monster that pushes and growls and dares you to stop moving forward in life always sustaining you.
I was her I was the quiet girl who dreamt of being one of “them” I was her I was the girl who tried too hard to fit in I was her Crying from the empty in her heart I was her
He’s the one left behind when they’ve walked away. She turned and walked away with the rest of them carrying pieces of him but he couldn’t find the strength to move.
I'll tell my story You tell yours I don't know what will happen beyond here Whether my eyes will remain dry Whether I'll need a place to hide If I will meet the sky If I will pass and rise
The night was once an empty dream The trees offered no shade I once had no hope in me Life to me was just a game
When you laugh, the wind blows The wind starts singing When I cry, the rain flows The rains start flowing Flowing towards you Like the end of a good morning The beginning of a bad night
Beautiful is just a word That falls from ones lips, Usually referred to those Who have slender hips. To those who have eyes Of neverending pools, And smiles so sparkling Like rare, precious jewels.
My mother’s embrace is my home and in her arms I am never alone. People attack me with words, words that pierce my soul like daggers. I am not fierce nor am I bold so I cannot help the tears that pour like rain as I am in pain.
Hey you, over there.
Don’t stare at my hips and thighs, my lips, my neck, with accusations in your eyes Don’t think your looks will make me cry and die inside and want to hide and fly on by mall-aisle five I don’t need your “pretty”
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