Looking in the mirror

Look in the mirror

Now tell me what you see

Well, If you'd ask me

I'd say a set of small eyes

And a huge nose

And a ridiculously fat stomach

And sausage toes

And a cluster of whiteheads on my right cheekbone


But Stop

Take a minute, and look within

Realize every life you have ever touched will be forever changed


If you hadn't have gone to that party

Or to that interview

Or maybe you just so happened to pick a different place to eat that night

Or you hadn't drove a different route home that one day

None of those lives would ever be the same


These endowments are what we should be seeing

Not these physical, surface level things


But because of these

Superficial, judgemental, trivial standards

That society tells us to place upon ourselves

We don't see the greatness in us anymore


We are so focused on these absurd ideals

That we've lost focus on what is real


Now riddle me this,

What do YOU see when YOU look in the mirror?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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