girl 1


do not 


they'll always be bright enough dancing with light 

to make the bluejays jealous and they'll be deep and mysterious enough to plant elm trees in 

they're honest and so loving and 

b e a u t i f u l and it's so hard 

to not fall in love with a person's eyes.

if you fall for what's beyond the outer wall you may n e v e r 

find your way out again 

you do not need to be 

a girl who is waiting for flowers and showered with gifts

and candlelight and walks on the beach

girls like you are beautiful forces of nature

part forest, part ocean, part fire in your eyes 

let them hear you, let them feel 

the burn of your gaze 

you are here and you are upset

and that's okay 

wipe the grimy sky clean to let the light shine through. 

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