I Will Be Me

“Why do you want to be an artist? You have to be creative for that.”

“Tattoos will ruin your life.”

“People like you can't make it in this world.”

Yeah, I can still hear those words clearly in my mind

I don’t know who I am


We go to school for all these years

Taking the classes they say we need

All the tests, all the grades

All the stress, all the tears

I don’t know who I am


They act as if we are the number of questions we get right

If you don’t think a specific way, then you’re the outcast

We were taught to fit in the box

As if we weren’t made to last

I don’t know who I am


Anxiety already set in long ago

I’m expected to live up to the standards

I can’t just go with the flow

Expectations are held over my head like clouds ready to pour

I don’t know who I am


But the thing is, I wasn’t born to fit in

I was born to bleed creativity

I was born to create something new

I was born with festivity

I will be me, I will be me


I have to take the chance on myself

It’s like my future is being written with pen and I can’t change it

How in the hell do I figure out who I really am when those pushing me

towards “perfection” don’t know a thing about me to begin with?

No one ever asked me who I want to be, what I want to do with my life

But I want to do more than just exist, I want to live, because I know who I am

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