In Her Universe.

Each night she vacates

to the universe in her head,

illuminated place    

that fills the dark vacancy

she feels down on earth


unable to stand on her own.

She longs for the day...



She practices balance.


In her universe she lets go…

fear                                       gone.

doubt                                    gone.

No more restless nights of being

Tense and terrified of tomorrow.

Transfixed on energy  

used to grow love for her beloved





In her universe

she found space for her colors

they often unapologetically spill over the lines

of regulations and limits,

that do not exist in her universe.


She gets lost,

Wrapped up in

fabricated truth, never returning to reality,

fascinated by fantasies

that are never fulfilled,

in need of more time…


Precious clocks of

countless hours

in her universe.

Time, precious and fragile

careful to respect every minute.

She found space for her colors

in her universe

warm colors paint soft visions of

simply elegant self-portraits.


A space dedicated to acknowledging

all types of beautiful

her rage is beauty

her sad is beauty

her happy is beauty

in her universe, she is always beautiful


In her universe she matters

In her universe, she stays.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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