My Speech To The World

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 08:45 -- cookod

To know every day every wakeing moment that your ugly, your not perfect, and your the one along side many others with a cloud of hate. Hiding behind closed doors, inflicting pain, suffering through depression, starving to show your point to yourself of how strong you are.

Knowing every story that hurts trying so hard to erase it from your life. Struggling to know your addiction is something that can and will take your life away. Knowing how hard it is to stop yourself from sleeping forever.

To all of you out there chased by that rain of hate knowing that words can't help you. Know now be stronger than ever fight through that cloud and live. Turning that corner may hurt but the accomplishments you can create can cure you.

Keep fighting, living, and growing stronger. I too im chased by that cloud.


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