Perseverance. Based on a True Story.

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First, you will get knocked down. You will fall short of glory at some point.

Pressure will be obvious. This big, intimidating world will seem to work against you; you may be held at the mercy of others.

A steamroller of rejection will approach with the power to flatten you. A mountain of desired achievements will crumble from an earthquake of adversity.

Your confidence will be at stake as you grow and face this world.

Next, you will ponder your failures; you will look upon yourself with a sense of anger and regret. A flame of desire will burn stronger than it did before.

You will wish to escape from the past.

You will want to try for that wonderful feeling of success once more; inspiration will come. Hope will act as the foundation upon which a skyscraper could be built; a wish to return from the depths of despair will be born.

Suddenly, the motivation is put to use when you act. You rise to the occasion and earn your achievement; you realize your true potential to be great.

The feelings of sorrow and anger fade into the earth as a new mountain of success grows. The skyscraper is rightfully built upon that foundation of hope.

Pride and confidence are stronger than ever. The goal is achieved; you have adapted.

Life will be a challenge in itself; more adversity still has yet to come. You must fight to overcome it.

You can earn your success. You have the power to truly live as you want.


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