You Don't Have To Be a Size Two to Be BEAUTIFUL and CHANGE the World

Society has a mindset, a mindset that you have to look like a photoshopped picture on a bilboard or magazine. We live in American where they encorage us to walk, jog, jump, play, then run straight to McDonalds. Society is confused, don't they know that the average girl in America is a size 12? Don't they know that what they are portraying on the TV screne is only driving people into sickness, sickness caused from eating disorders? Depression caused from not feeling good enough for anyone?

You see, society has created this image, saying this is what you HAVE to look like, but I'm here to tell every single person. You don't have to be a size two to be BEAUTIFUL and CHANGE the world. Take my life for example. I'm the opposite of what is considered to be beautiful! I'm 4'11" and I am a size 10, while we are "supposed" to be 5'7" and a size 2. If someone were to look at me they would have no idea that I'm a pageant girl, but this previous year I created the platform, "You Don't Have To Be  a Size Two to Be  BEAUTIFUL and CHANGE the world"

My goal, my job, my hope for this world is for EVERY SINGLE PERSON to know that they are so beautiful, whether they are a double zero or a size sixteen. Get up, head heald high, shoulders back..confidence..because you are BEAUTIFUL, and you, my darling, can CHANGE the world.


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