tearing down the walls


United States
42° 45' 53.1108" N, 71° 26' 23.4204" W

what should I do
which side to pick
in this battle
in my mind
that’s killing me inside
my heart chooses one
society chooses one
and I pick one
and I pick wrong
and I know it’s wrong
but it’s so easy
so I go along
but still I feel
something within me
whispering to me
and I know it’s right
but it’s so hard
so what to do
oh, what to do
well I know the answer
and tonight
something will break

barriers of pride
closing me in
holding me back
but it’s all fake
not meant to last
and they break down
leaving me all alone
but I find something
something good
what I’ve been striving for all along
so I continue
to tear at those walls
those preconceptions
those judgments
those filthy, filthy lies
placed by society
rooted into my mind
but I tear them all down
and I find myself
at peace

so now I look up
and I see
that monster
in my life
out of my life
that wretched pyramid
looming out there
I’m free for now
free from its control
resisting its temptations
so I lie below it
and walk a higher road
but it’s a hard road to travel
and it’s lonely out here
but I must be strong
and I will be strong
and though I’ll slip
I’ll pick myself up
and keep going
and there’s a chance
a very large chance
that I’ll be sucked
back into
that black hole of a pyramid
that swallows everything up
but I can fight
and I will fight
and ultimately
I will win


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