Back To Back


You say you’re invested but you look far from interested

You say you care, but your presence is never there

For you I am a matter of convenience

But you consume my entire existence

I’ve finally become aware that you truly don’t care


Your negligence has become too much to bear

A relationship only works when the love is shared

I struggle to break free from your hold on my soul

You retreat from me, then delete me, then come back for more

The never ending cycle has left me bruised and sore


My mind was blind to the destruction you caused

With you by my side, feelings changed like the tides

I knew after every high there would be a low

Any progress made would be washed away later in the day


Our last fight finally set me straight

Your vanity makes it impossible to negotiate

By the end of the fight no progress was made

Unresolved problems and silence remained


Back to back- no words to be spoken

If I don’t turn first the relationship will be broken

You don’t put the effort in, why should I?

I’m better off without you

I'm not turning back


I’m tired of you thinking my life is fulfilled by your godly deliverance

Are you too blind to see my love for you has shifted towards indifference?

I’m relieved that you no longer preoccupy my mind

After your treatment, love was maligned

In your absence, my happiness has been redefined

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