Without Fear



My words are flawless.

My mind is far from perfect

And my spelling is atrocious

I studder and i stumble,


But my words.

My words have never failed me.


Not many people can say

That they meant what they wrote.

That the words proplerly described 

What they felt.


But my words

My words have never failed me. 


My keyboard is my tounge

I write what i feel 

And i feel what i write

They are perfect.


Because my words

My words have never failed me.


WIth words I can paint a picture of emotions.

Sadness is blue and cold. Anger is hot and red.

Pleasure is yellow and bright And fear is black and empty.

The right words can take you anywhere.


I use my words

Because my words have never failed me.


Communication is powerfull.

With the right words, i share my heart with others,

They are a window into my mind.

My deepest desires, and my wildest dreams.


And with the words,

I can change the world.


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