Flightless Angel


United States
30° 52' 3.4428" N, 83° 54' 39.2292" W

I’m an angel within but I fear my wings
Those graceful, feathered, astonishing things
I hide them away so that I can deny
This beautiful girl, whom I transformed into a lie
Searching in mirrors trying to figure it out
Only to find that I’m filled with doubt
About whom it is that I really am
Because I’m trying to be you, but you’re trying to be him
So here we are all mixed up again
Trying to recreate another man’s sins
Well if this is the way it’s supposed to be
Then why in the world did god create me
He could have created two of you
Then I’d have reason to do what you do
But he did not and I know why
Because god gave me my special wings in order for me to fly


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