Flawlessness at its finest


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I once knew a girl in Junior high ,

With pretty eyes but kind of shy,

her voice was sweet and smooth like butter,

But when people saw her they thought nothing of her;

She had one friend who she met in elementary,

Her friend thinks she's beautiful but she was in dubiety;

then one day she looked in the mirror and all she saw,

was a baggy coat, thick glasses, and hair that's like straw,

a scared face from pimple popping, and with the acne,

She looked harder in the mirror to find what friends and family see,

She wanted a Beyonce body, and a Mila Kunis face,

milk chocolate skin, silky hair, and a smooth face,

She looked harder for the beauty in her face of scares

with her life less look and flabby arms;

She took her glasses off and splashed her face with water,

she took off her clothes and turned away from the mirror,

she thought of the most beutiful people in her head,

she saw not a beyonce but her mom instead;

She looked back at the mirror and looked at her face,

a smile showed in a frowns place

although many kids called her many name

the phrase " you look like your mom" got all the fame

to her he mom was flawless in every way

and even now she thinks that to this day

today she is in highschool not as shy like then

she may have enemies but never lost a friend

her body is beautiful and FLAWLESS like no other

because she realised the best thing


my poem is nearly done but before you flee

I want you to know that the girl is me.


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