Mon, 09/08/2014 - 02:38 -- KatieC

Mind alteration?

Mine’s naturally alternative.

What do you say to the dreamy kite-flyers

When all your life you’ve been high?

Never needed the physical to feel invincible

                                        No sting of the syringe, just indifference to life.     

Am I the last of the sentimentals

Or the first of the strictly mentals?

Everyone’s itching for more menthols

While my nicotine smile summons all the dopamine I need.


So you inhale mistaken cocaine others

Much to your senses’ grave dismay.

So you’ve felt the crash of lesser love

And obsessed over missed hellos.

Every time, without fail

Your addiction to humanity prevails,

A little weakness lures your naïve eyes.

You’re drunk every day off of unappreciation

Hungover most at night when the neighbors start shooting up.

You want to toss this aspirin meant to keep you from aspiring

It’s taxing your fragile stomach lining, quit pining

Remember prednisone left you screaming on the floor

Begging for more from friends strung out on some sketchy self-importance

Just take one more hit to leave a scar on your arm, disarm your charm

Or you’ll never be earth-bound.



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