I believe in Everything

I believe in the wonder Santa leaves in the heart of children

I believe in the magic Fairies bring to youngsters

I believe in the seed of pure awe Miracles plant in the mind of the lives touched

I believe in the look of unconditional love Happy Endings results in

And I believe in You


I believe in Santa

Spreading a rosy red smile and jolly laughs to those who hear the bells of the sleigh

Sprinkling cheer throughout the hardest times of the year

Giving hope to the underprivileged kids just when they thought there was none left

The holiday season encouraging the prosperous to give back

Leaving all-

Believing in more than just what surrounds them


I believe in Fairies

The sparkle of their wings matching the sparkle in children’s eyes

Curiosity filling hearts and urging kids to play hide and seek

Always searching, never finding, but believing none the less

The music they sing only heard by the believers


I believe in Miracles

Not explicable by natural law, considered work of a divine agency

The force of nature stronger than we would think

Curing those left for dead

And leaving them awestruck

Forever believing that there may be a higher power


I believe in Happy Endings

Turning around the future of two oblivious people

Fate pushes them to become soulmates

The unconditional love created lasting a lifetime

Believing that there is more to the story than what the pages say


I believe in You

Your inner beauty strikes the faces of others

The words you speak forever leaving their mark on the lives of those around you

Leaving those affected dumbfounded and rooted to the ground where they stand

Not yet knowing they will grow to be more vibrant than ever thought possible

You believe more than a child,

Encouraging those around you to believe in themselves too

I super believe in you

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