Surf's up!


2047 Spicer Wayside
United States
44° 37' 20.4168" N, 123° 3' 27.9288" W

It's so easy to just exist, to breath and let breath, to be no more then walking flesh, among a sea of skin.  


To keep your head down, never raise your voice, follow the path already laid out 


Why, why must it be so? 


Would it be so bad to get lost, to look up and shout?  


I don't want to follow a path already laid out, I want to face the world head on and yell until my throats numb.  


I refuse.  


I'll be more then just walking flesh, I'll shed this skin over and over. I don't care if I just make a ripple through this endless sea, I know I'll eventually become a tsunami 


A tsunami, scream, shout and look. 


Because here I come to crush compliancy in my wake! Don't be compliant, join me.  


A ripple here and there and we will change the world.


Let's move the tide, make it a high tide 

this is our life and we should exploit it and surf it until the fatal wipe out


and even then-the end won't stop us


It's already started, the ripple has come alive. 


surf's up! 



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