Self Confidence

Shy, excited, and turning into a lady

This year, my life flipped 180

I was admitted into ASB

O the sights I will see!


Nervous and shaky

I did not want to breaky

The little trust

Into a pile of dust

Doing everything with caution

Because I knew everyone was watchin


Sweat dripped as I tried my best

Everything I did, I looked for approval

Whether it was conversing with a peer

Or completing a task with fear

I took every obstacle as a test

As my worst fear was removal


As the year went on, I completed tasks with grace

Each event was done at an efficient pace

I was outshining and loved because of my productiveness

It was then that I realized

My work ethic was far beyond less

Passion and self love, I was drived


Slowly, I realized the only approval I need is the one of myself

Looking for an exciting nod was pointless

Confidence comes by understanding and loving oneself

So it’s okay to be outstanding and boisterous


Learn to love yourself completely

Because at the end of time

It’s going to be you freely

So enjoy the climb

And bask in your lowest and prime

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