I Am

I think, therefore I am

But what do I think? 

What am I?


What am I?

I am beautiful 

I am free

I am the fearful and wonderful creature that God made me to be


I am intelligence

I am grace

I have an air of confidence, and it's written all over my face


I am happiness

I am peace

I do not entertain the thoughts of defeat 


I am love

In the purest for you've ever seen

I am not the sea symbol society has painted me to be 


I am art

I am an original piece, and it's the only copy you'll see

I am a living, breathing, walking masterpiece


I am success

It is through Him that I win

I am not the limitations this world has tried to box me within


I am music

I am creativity

I am all the melodies and harmonies that are flowing through my blood stream


I am passion

I pour my heart into everything that I do 

I do not seek the approval of you, or you, or you


I am thoughtful 

I do not fall into the traps of the lies I am told

I do not flirt with copper when I know that I am worthy of gold


What am I ?

Who was I destined to be?

I think, therefore I am 


-Bria Lynn Nelson




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