And Reach Out


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She looks at her hands

Delicate hands which haven’t done much

Shy hands which could change the world with just one touch­­

Any act they make

Could be a mistake

Quick, hide them. Back in your jean pockets.


She looks at her body

Too skinny, eat more

Too fat, eat less

Celery, carrots, the delicate foods

He gets up for seconds, without a care

She asks a friend to get more food with her

Now she won’t look too much like a pig

Quick, suck it in.


She looks at her face

Too dark, stay out of the sun

Too pale, get a tan

Skin isn’t clear enough

Personality isn’t near enough

To hide these insecurities

Quick, grab the makeup bag.


Tell yourself you’re beautiful, and it isn’t true.

Meet a man and have him tell you you’re beautiful

This confidence is temporary.


Strip away the mirror

Strip away the makeup.

Strip away the voices.

Only you remain.

Take your hands out of your pockets.


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