#NoFilter: Raise A Voice

Sat, 01/10/2015 - 12:03 -- Baibby


#NoFilter, I can’t be her

Not actually a girl, prefer to be my own

Version of self-expression, my decision alone

I don’t wear the idealized pink skirts

Sexism and racism in society irks

Me, like why can’t I be free?


#NoFilter, I won’t be the person they want

It’s time to free my voice and do right

By me, no chains to hold me back tonight

I want to do all I can

For all the individuals in this land

So they can be free in their own words.


#NoFilter, I’m gonna stand out in the room

Break out the new leather jacket

While I bust out a racket

In the streets of every city and town

From the Carolinas to Cali, see me all around

I won’t play any games, this ain’t dominoes

I won’t play like a girl tryin’ to be among the bros

I’ll be me


#NoFilter, I wasn’t put on this Earth to fit in

Not for misogyny or racist ideals

Not to prepare a certain of Southern meals

Of misconstrued belief, I’ve got teeth

And I’ll use them, words of a Chief

Who’s out for blood to take back their land


#NoFilter, I want to fight for them all

Big small, round or short, tall or thin

Let the real games begin

I’m both the general and the army

No one can stop me, let alone harm me

I’m gonna take over and make a new nation

Starting from the bus station

And travel where these kids need me


NoFilter, I’m a runaway hero

No mask, no cape, but a will to help and save

Every Suzy and Billy, every Bianca and Dave

I want to be the dark skinned player

On every chess board, making the game fairer

Giving one more extra hand where they need me

Because everyone needs to see

It’s not what you wear that makes a difference

It’s not #NoFilter that makes a difference either

It’s the way you carry yourself

And show the world who you really are.

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