Model Behind the Makeup

The model was tall and lean...

"Look at that string bean".

"Body with no meat,

the girl needs to eat"

"She looks unhealthy,

probably stuck with her career to be wealthy"

"What skinny stilettos,

her walk even echoes"

This was what I heard.

Smart enought to know it was absurd.

That model was me,

and trust me, I eat.

I have never starvecd myself,

but who am I to prove myself?

Thank you, but I thoroughly enjoy my food,

Your anorexia comments won't put me in a bad mood.

I don't flourish off of what's reflected in the mirror,

I live to persuade you to do what you want, without fear.

Modeling is a type of art,

it isn't done without a heart.

I know the values of life,

my passion isn't a cause for strife.

I don't model for checks,

I am way more complex.

On the runway, I feel alive.

Modeling, is where my personality thrives.

I feel confident when I pose,

it shows on my face as I glow.

I do what makes me happy,

and I don't want an apology that's sappy.

I don't want your understanding,

I want to be left to be; imperfectly outstanding.

I don't need your approval, 

I can just make you... a temporary removal!

Leave me to rejoice,

I do this by choice.

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