Admit you

Could grasp on to the world by the hangnails and have it well clasped if

Apathy never bit you.

Admit you could

Travel the lengths of the earth by exhaling air and flying wherever you wish

If that inconsiderate bitch called life never twitched and left you in an abyss

In reality, its a ditch

Five feet deep, but you feel its six

Ambition like

A fan everyone else sits in front of while you feel the sweltering summer heat eat you alive

It's a cheat,

Admit you oversleep to over-compensate lost dreams that seem to be explosives in your mind when you think of what could be,

Admit you never eat because starving artists always feed on delusion and paper

And papers and spliffs

Admit when the bong rips

You can only find purpose

When you surrender to the trip

Admit your grip

Is teflon tipped

When you acknowledge why you exist.


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