Fever Dreams

The only time I can’t forget you

Is in my drawn out fever dreams.

Half human, half animal,

You draw me in

Like an “Alice in Wonderland” character that shifts

With the night.

The memory of you is an enchantment.

And still, you breathe lies down my neck

Like wind that blows through sagging cemetery trees

And I believe them.

Your hands are made of the softest stone

A skin-like entity that pulls me underwater.

And, I admit, I succumb to your madness


I’m not weak enough to let you ravage me.

Fever dreams swirl through your watery haze,

Where you drink them in like sweet wine

While I struggle to play this game

For the rest




There is a winner and a loser.

I will not lose

There are rules.

I will not lose.

Fever dreams are neverending torture games

In which I remember

There’s a winner and a loser.


I’ve tried to forget.

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