Listen to the Applause

Beautiful is just a word
That falls from ones lips,
Usually referred to those
Who have slender hips.

To those who have eyes
Of neverending pools,
And smiles so sparkling
Like rare, precious jewels.

Those who are beautiful
In our harsh medias eyes
Are always super skinny,
Never, ever supersized.

With long golden manes
Of pure, lovely sunshine,
And voices so sweet
Like that of an elegant wine.

Beauty to those who are blind
Is being flawless and perfect;
I am here today to tell you
That those people are incorrect.

Whether you be blond or brunette,
Quite short or overly tall,
Extremely brilliant or not so much,
And even large or small.

Each and everyone of you
Are more beautiful than you know,
Whether your skin be tanned gold
Or white as fallen snow.

So when you look in the mirror
Ignore your so called flaws;
Instead, smile, take a bow,
And listen to the applause.


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