Island & a Mirror

To be completely unearthed is the beginning of where I find I’m free

and to realize that my life is for me

and to realize that I am who I should be

To be out of your sight and on to something far away

I can see that I am completely unearthed



lacking the luxuries that parade around my being like this vision I’m seeing

I’m alone

being me

And to think I was granted one thing

I was granted my sanity to have this mirror

Its broken but when I look in it

I see me

I see who people aren’t looking for

They are clearly missing

That on this island

I’m carrying a vision

A vision of my own

A soul that you don’t know

But this soul is not afraid to let you hear it

This solemn solitude is my expressway to showing

realizing that in my solitaire I am me

I am Free

That my life is for me

I am who I should be

And on this Island I don’t fear it

You know they would see it

In this mirror Its got a fracture

But again I been shown that without my removal, without this scratch from frame to frame

I would just be looking at myself the same

But I’m not the same and you aren’t either

Without this island and this mirror

I wouldn’t have caught a breath

This poem is about: 
Our world


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