Dear Me

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 21:35 -- Kholt93

Dear my old self,

I wish you had the commons sense to do better,

but in the end you made me better.

Your pure heart and your tender ways,

All you need was a little backbone and some base.

But I love you and R.I.P to you.


  Dear me,

Thanks to the old you.

Girl you glowing nice,

A fine wine and dine type of gal.

You'll make a fine wife.

Bless your heart and be proud of you.

The damage you been through you overcame.

Don’t ever stop your shine.


  Dear future me,

I suspect you'd be marrying now.

Feeling every ounce of what love should be.

Let the lord above know how grateful you are

 and stay blessed beyond the drama.

 Your more than the walk in the sky and more than beauty in the sunlight.

You better glow better than the moon at night

and be fierce in all you do.


    To all of me,

 I wish you well, so glad to see the journey  enroute.

Although some days it may come to an end.

Just know your strength is more that you can image.

You heart is pure and you loving ways will always keep you shining.

The darkness will try but never let it fool you.

Baby girl you're a blessing and never lose focus.

Know in your heart that you can always do it.



I love you.

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