Confidence, Where Are You?

Someone told me to write a song about confidence
But it's something I have a problem with
What's the point in believing in yourself
If you continue to get help from someone else
I try
I cry
I look up to the sky
In distain
I'm surprised
We were all the same
Laughing at someone's pain
When we're to blame
I'm sick and tired of playing this game
In this world we live in
We're to blame
We all believe there's someone
Above us
Below us
But never with us
We begin to tell lies
To survive
Because we have no choice
But to run with our boys
Go play with your toys
You're not ready for the world
Filled with this noise
Of things that destroy
There's always someone better
If we were happier
We would believe in ourselves
If we were happy
We would be there when someone needs help
Not knock them off the shelp
It's disgusting
All the problems in the city
Just because someone is busy
With their phones
"Oh let me see"
"Pardon me"
I don't understand
I thought you were my friend
Instead I'm alone
It's how it always ends
So, no
This isn't about how
I learned to be confident
I didn't
I'm not
It's a hoax
A lie
I just work to get by
I scrape the extra off the side
Yeah, that's my slice
Of life
I don't know what you expect me to say
The world is dark and grey
I'm sorry
It's too much
I didn't mean to explode
I'm just tired
I was told
That I am confident
But it doesn't make sense
I'm a mess
I'm broken
I've finally spoken
My words of wisdom
This "thing" that is dripping
With common sense
"Well hello confidence
Where have you been
I missed you
I was lost
But you found me
Thank you"
"You're leaving?
It's too soon
I can't wait until next full moon
Where I can see you again
Where I will be free
Where I can be me
Without someone's help."

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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