Unbroken Silence


United States
41° 22' 43.068" N, 80° 52' 35.4756" W

Unbroken silence
Quiet is all around me
My eyes search for sound

Seeing is hearing
Even what is not spoken
Eyes hear everything

Life with no hearing
Silence is normal for me
My life is not loud

Moments of silence
Deafness is continuous
Life is not noisy

My hands speak for me
Brown eyes always listening
Talking and hearing

Always reading you
Smiling is heard, loud and clear
Face to face, I hear

Are you listening?
Give me the time of day, please
Don't look right through me

Demons beckoning
Panic courses through my veins
Silently screaming

Drowning in darkness
Craving communication
Being deaf is hard

Terror inside me
Forever stuck with deafness
Hardship overwhelms

Family helps me
I am thankful for my life
I have found the light

I appreciate
Close friends take time to listen
Relationship thrive

I can achieve goals
Deafness will not hold me back
I love my deaf life

I am always me
My confidence glimmers through
No one can change me

Feeling stronger now
Bring on obstacles
I can achieve dreams

My courage still stands
I would never change a thing
Thankful forever

Appreciate me
As I live my life in my
Unbroken silence

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