your hands

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 11:46 -- fthrush



hold your mouth. 
tie it shut.
cut out your tongue.
lose your words.
ill pop my ear drums,
seal my heart, 
stay my tongue
and clear my mind.
lets not hear
lets not speak
lets not listen
lets not think
hold your words
stretch out your hands
its them we want to see
they, the culprits
open your eyes
lift those steel traps
gaze upon your hands
let us see together
your words too sweet
too sweet to stay my soul
your tongue too practiced
too quick to give me wings
open your palms
spread your fingers
cut their iron bonds
 show them light
show me who you are
show me what you feel
show me what you've done
what you do
show me.
show me your hands
show me your deeds
show me truly
leave no room 
for elaboration
speak no winds
bear me not to the sky
your hands,
those strong, cruel hands
their grips like chains
hold me to the earth.
the wings your words
have given
wither and fall 
like autumn leaves
do not speak 
your words anew
i cannot bear
the allusion of flight
i never knew
that wings i could posses
but why do wings words give
and chains your hands fasten
ill tear off your mouth
ill cut out your tongue
ill silence your vocal chords
ill unchain your hands
my hands have been open
my words were timid.
but together, they built you 
an infinite staircase
but your gift to me
your wings with 
expiration dates
and hands that betray
my soul shakes
and my body writhes
with wings i cannot move
and chains i cannot shake
I'll shake you instead.
I'll tear off your hands
and leap into the sun
exposing them to infinite light
and then,
then I'll know 
what it is to fly
I'll take all of you
leaving only your eyes
to watch me soar
and see your hands
your hands that hurt
that you yourself
feel foreign
those cursed, strong hands.
watch me.
it will be our goodbye
one last gift for 
the one with the golden tongue
i'll miss you.


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