You're Not Alone

Two eyes staring back as IRoutinely do as I'm told.Persuasion I have none, ButMy influence will becomeMore evident as you get old. I am worshiped more than God,Looked at more than passing time.I can see your true colors When we are together, butI remain a paralysed mime. Some say I'm lucky to have A fashion show just for me.Nobody realizesThe tears and pain I witness,Here constrained to my front row seat. I scream out voiceless nonesenseOnly hoping you can hear.But a different Voice hasOvercome your thoughts, one whoClaimed to make problems disappear. Problems only turn to fear.Insecurity lurks about.You'll make any change to silenceThat Voice inside your head, justHoping you'll figure it all out. I need to find a way outTo save you from all these lies.It is hurting me to seeYou question life, cut your skin,And hold back tears in weary eyes. The Voice is wrong. Dont listenTo it's degrading nature.You don't need to follow trendsOr wear excessive make upTo avoid being a failure. If you clean me up you mayBe able to see clearer,That you're beautiful withoutAny change in your appearance.But what do I know, I'm just a mirror.

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Our world
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