My need is also yours

I am stuck in a space where thoughts are endless

Infinate time with no one but myself

If I am to survive in a world that I cannot escape,

I need to be asured of one thing: my confidence

My confidence will take me far

Far enough to beleive that I can survive

To beleive that I am capable 

To beleive that I am not alone

When you are confident, you acheive 

It's as simple as that, and as complicated as that

If there is one thing everyone can't live without, it's confidence

Confidence is the drive, the momentum that is needed to get things done

To be confident is to beleive

And sometimes beleiving is enough to to get you by

I need my confidence, because it is reflected in what I do, say, and love

Without it, I would be directionless, and worst of all, passionless 

All I need is confidence 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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