If Only You Knew


If only you knew

How my heart jumps a little when I see you,

How I spend hours picking out an outfit,

And go all out with my makeup

Only to impress you

If only you knew

Every time I see you sitting alone,

Looking anxious and awkward

I only wish I had the guts to sit with you and start a conversation

If only you knew

I dream about you all the time,

Acting out scenes in my head,

Pretending to be your girlfriend,

Or even your wife

If only you knew

That if you were to shed a tear,

I'd catch it,

And keep it forever

If only you knew

How much I am in love with you,

But you probably will never know

Because if you don't make a move,

I sure as hell won't,

And it's so pitiful that I will never have that confidence



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