Letters from an emtionless Robot(Spoken Word Poem)

      Letters from an emotionless robot


 dear emotionless robot,

Do this, stop that

go here, stay there,

walk, don’t run

listen, don’t talk

express, but don’t create

learn, but don’t relate

sing your heart out

don’t make a sound

love,hate,pretend fake

don’t frown,shoulders back don’t slouch

raise your hand, keep your comments to yourself

its ok to lose you have to win

shut your mouth and learn how to fit in

sincerley the conformist and dictators of control


my body snaps and breaks by the weakness of my passionatlesss limbs

my soul is captured by these darkness of my own insincerities

my lungs are being suffocated by those contagious conformist

no, not anymore this emotionless robot is taking back control

Dear, conformist and dictators of control

 I’m done being self medicated on your twisted mind

telling me how to be

I’m sick of being told who what and where

Cause you never tell me why

You dare label me, having not known the steps I’ve traveled

But only the path I’ve walked

You dare judge me, by the color I appear to be

But not the quality of my design

 You dare categorize me

By the result I show

 And not the effort I put in

 You dare think you control my voice

But my words cut deeper than your innuendos

You can not “ shut my mouth”

Because my lips utter truth And my words, my refuge

I refuse to be frame accentuating a figure shaped by the worlds view of perfection

I refuse to be perfect in the worlds conformed view

 but I’ll be imperfect being myself and not a robot controlled by you

I love my imperfections

I wallow in a pit of happiness in all my defects

I love everyone of my own faults

I love each breath I take

The mistakes I’ve made

The shame I felt, the hands I held

The tears I shed, the selfish desires I’ve feed

My voices that rumbles like an earthquake, the friends I make

The life I live, they reasons I’ve stayed. The point I try to make

But wait, I’m just an emotionless robot

  You think you can build up your conformities and pile them on me too barricade my mind

But your barriers is a stepping stone to my higher frame and design

And yet you still try to tear my body down and break my spine

But oh dearest conformist and dictators of control

Your options have been terminated

Your labels declined

Your categorizes resembled so my worth you can’t define

Your emotionless robot is taking back control

And sorry to disappoint you but she actually has a soul

I’m cutting off your powerline to my creative mind

Though you may shut me down, I’ll just click restart

In my glorious renown

 My wires are reconnected so I can think on my own

And you’re your gonna her about it now

 Cause my voice has been made known

I’ve blocked all your virus, deleted your threats with no care

Call me an emotionless robot, but I’m not creatively impaired

I’m a human now well applied

Sincerely the emotionless robot

The conformist and dictators of control had not letter to reply.
















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