As we gradually embrace the threshold of a new generation, we tend to gaze back into the

world of the past, thronged with recent regrets, true triumphs and forgotten fantasies.

As the enigmatic future of a new age of people draw near, we seek and even crave the past,

believing it to be the most optimum solution, and desire to retreat to the methods we have

been accustomed to. History has proved to have its successful endeavors as well as its painful

tragedies, and while some events are better than the present, we cannot go back, or rely

on the past. Through the transparent lens of all the world’s inhabitants, we have witnessed

severe pain and cruelty, but we cannot turn back to our past happiness, for there is no path

that can lead us into our reminiscent paradises, where we thought life could never get any

better. However, Do not fear. Although those days are over, it only signifies that there can be a

better future, one that we could never have fathomed until our past paradises were dissolved

or even stripped away. Now, the skies are never the limit. Now, our potentials are boundless,

and the clean slate that is our true destinies await, anxious to be seized as fate. We must not

permanently dwell on the late memories of our alleged moments thought to be the most great,

but we must peer straight, ahead in our psyches so that we may create an even better memory

than its previous mate. Focus on what we can change, concentrate on your dreams and never

give up hope, for that is our most dynamic trait of humans. Our progress will never cease, we

will keep trying, and must, to achieve our dreams and for all, world peace.