Here's a Secret...

Sometimes there are disruptions with the true beauty in life
Those once in a while moments
"Are my front teeth crooked?
My arms are too flubby!
Why do I have such ugly dark circles?!"

The seeds that bloom into beautiful ruby red flowers
The way mom laughs after a joke is cracked
The melody of when the ocean hits the hot, brown sand
All of the little things in life that genuinely matter...
Sometimes forgotten.

Especially when the wind blows we are all still different
Apples to oranges, if you may
but it makes us who we are

Through all the thick and thin
The roars and whispers,
we all stand apart physically
though there is nothing but peace and love emotionally.

To conquer the world is nothing short of a quest,
but to conquer ones true self takes time...
with the results shining as bright as gold.


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