Silk, Wood and Steel


My heart pounds 

My palms sweating 

As I walk into the arena, I hear the crowd

Their anticipation almost like a drug

But they grow silent

Their wonders are about to be told.


The music starts


Swoosh swoosh

The colors fly by my face 

Softly brushing my skin

Between silk and empty I see the crowd

Their faces lit with excitement

What will be next?


I send the wild piece of steal soaring

So dangerous, yet so beautiful

Catch it! Catch it! Catch it! 


The crowd roars 

I feel the nerves begin to thaw

We’re almost there!

Finish strong...

We grab the final surprise

Click click click

All in synch

The music booms 

And we send each riffle to the ceiling 

All at once riffle, music, and flag stop. 

We hold our poses

The battle has been won.


- Morgan Daley 


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