Behind Closed Doors

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 19:08 -- aseach


Everyone has a secret to bury:


The girl with the blonde hair, enticing smile,

brand new car, the quarterback boyfriend...

The "perfect" life. 

Her life isn't as perfect as it would seem.

She covers her ears to muffle the screams;

Closes her eyes to shut out the fighting.

Her perfect life is crumbling.


The girl who keeps to herself, who never looks prepared, 

the one who ignores the whispers and the looks.

Her family is broken, damaged with the loss of her mother

and abused by her father's drunken rage. 

She avoids the people so they can't see the proof;

Bruises, broken bones, too weak to let the world in.

And even if she tried, no one would understand.


The guy who makes straight A's, the star athlete,

perfect looks, everything going for him.

The pressure is building.

The expectations, the need to succeed.

No one knows what he wants; people see no need to ask.

While he smiles for the public, he's barely holding on.


The life of a teenager is hard to define.

Judgment. Criticism. Confusion.

We judge yet we are hurt by the judgment of others.

We are told that criticism builds character,

but in reality, it destroys confidence.

It seems like everything is clear.

The pretty girl should be happy.

The broken girl should be alone.

The athlete should succeed. 

Confusion exists because extraordinary is being made simple.

We are much more than our appearance and achievements.

We are much more than a label.

We are much more than society's standards.

Only behind closed doors, we can find ourselves. 



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