A Doubtless Soul


 “Never let the pains of a torn soul tear you,”

The words of myself to myself.                                                                                                         

A difficulty like no other,

A sadness with no brother,

 A fatal attraction with the misery of another

A backstabbing, heart-wrenching word of advice coming from someone like your mother.


It is the doubt,

A purge that defeats the masses.

It is the doubt,

That prolongs the drought.

It is the doubt,

That kills the strength of the dreams of me,

Therefore my generation for I am “my sister’s keeper.”

It is the doubt,

That chokes us and leaves us gasping for clean air when we take a risk,

When we drown ourselves in our own passion for fear that we might not otherwise exist.


Thing is, we could defeat the doubt.

All we have to do is exhale—breathe out.

 The hidden doubt of our parents, our mentors, our teachers, our friends, our neighbors, our family.

We can defeat the doubt of ourselves,

If we can just exhale—breathe out.

See the doubt surround us,

It is the mediocrity,

The American dream,

The people we see,

The air we breathe.

See from birth,

We inhale, inhale, inhale,

This stupid American dream,

To live in houses made of ticky-tacky that all look just the same.

Mediocre, Mediocre, Mediocre.

And nothing is ever going to change.


Getting away is so simple,

Yet so excruciatingly hard.

You must exhale the doubt—breathe ou.t

Exhale the average dream,

The mediocrity of your so called “team,”

A trailblazer you must be,

A leader in a sort that may not have ever been seen!

Inhale, inhale, inhale,

The positivity,

Know what you were created to be.

Exhale, exhale exhale,

The doubt encased in your mother’s negativity,

The goals that the world tells you are too hard to achieve.

The secret is,

As you believe, you will see.

See the Universe is on your side,

Ask Aristotle or Martin Luther King.

You want prosperity and to achieve your dream?

Drown in your passion,

Dive deep into the waters if you want to succeed.

A doubtless heart helps foster an angel to be.

The words of myself to myself.


For me?

I am little black ballerina,

Thus, the world of dance isn’t too fond of me,

It isn’t designed for me.

The world doesn’t know that I know the secret,

The secret to an everlasting prosperity.

That just exhaling that doubt,

Simply breathing out,

Will be the key to the success of me.



I really, really enjoyed reading this.  Sometimes I have a similar outlook on life where I challenge everything I think I know and get fed up with how things are, but then I just relax and "breathe out" to rest in confidence in myself.  Wow. Thank you for sharing :)

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