Can't Breathe, What is Life


The flower upon your head,

It means nothing to the flesh.

It is a representation of who you are on the inside.

The longer it sits upon your head

The more you, yourself, die from inside out.

The fading away of your soul,

The death of your pride,

The erosion of My love.

The flower once a symbol of purity and beauty,

Now is a representation of corruption.

The falling of leaves to the falling of hair

This is karma, payback for

Everyone hurt by the sharp sword of your lips.

No one will come to the hospital

To send get well flowers,

Flowers that will ultimately fade away.

No, you are undeserving of kind notions.

No longer do You have energy to harm.

It took only one month

For you to steal my heart.

How could anyone blame me?

Your cunning smile and beguiling sarcasm

Drew me in like a fish to metal

I opened my heart, my faith, my trust.

Now never again will the door be so easily opened.

A door made as unbreachable as a supermax prison.

Is this what love is about?

If it is, never again do I want to smell its sweet aroma.

All I wanted was your love, your affection.

From the moment I met you,

I longed for more than a friendship.

I handed you my heart willingly, innocently

What did I receive in return?

False hope. That’s what.

I am lonely. No was lonely. No still lonely.

I was desperate to make my fabricated world a reality.

Now I’m broken, defective, ruined;

Forced to solve the now 1000 piece puzzle of my heart,

All because you decided I wasn't good enough.

Despite the fire evoked by the memory of your words,

I cannot stand the thought of your demise

Love me. Hold me. Kiss me.

How can you still evoke such desperation

After all the hurt you caused?

As the flame dies out, part of me is forever gone,

Leaving a supermassive black hole,

An inescapable reminder of the past.

Just love me. Hold me. Kiss me.

This desperation is sickening.

It’s a virus that forever lives within.

All you had to do was love me, hold me, kiss me.

Make me feel like I wasn’t a recyclable.

Just to be disposed of once you were through.

If I knew this would happen the day I first laid eyes on you,

Never would I have come out of my shell,

Never would I have lost a chunk of my heart.

It’s agony to let people see you so raw.

But never would I be the person I am now.


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